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There’s No Place Like Home

Exploring the hustle and bustle of The Covered Market and Gloucester Green in the comfiest attire

There was a time when it was essential, if you were an Oxford man, to own an oxford cloth button down shirt and leather brogues. Nowadays, when the cold months bring on sleepy lectures and study dates at cosy cafes, it is essential to own stash. When everything starts getting cooler, I miss the comfort and safety of home the most. Whether you’re a fresh face figuring out where exam schools are or a finalist that’s already behind on their thesis, it’s important to figure out what makes Oxford feel like a home to you, and why not start with the clothes against your skin?

In this shoot, we explored the hustle and bustle of The Covered Market and Gloucester Green in the comfiest attire. Soft cottons in deep blues and maroons, soft and lightweight fabrics, to welcome the autumn weather with open arms. Stash has always been a staple in an Oxford student’s wardrobe, something that ties us to our colleges and our peers. You can complain as much as you like about the terrible food in hall or placing bottom in the room ballot, but hear a word against your own college, you home, from anyone else and its suddenly the best place on earth – that college crest means everything.

We took inspiration for this shoot from Ralph Lauren and Burberry who have always designed with something wearable in mind but at the same time, totally unique, creating their instantly recognisable brand identity. In a strange way, stash has this familiar yet unique quality; only really ‘okay’ to wear during your studies and entirely personal to your college identity.

It’s these days with your friends, floating around the city with nothing much to do but procrastinate on work and find others to do the same, that genuinely make us fall in love with Oxford all over again, and feel happy to call it home.

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Models: Kiran Armanasco, Milly Jonas and William Robinson
Photographer and Stylist: Skye Humbert

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