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    Ben Jureidini

    In conversation with Annabel Croft

    "It teaches you humility, and how to cope with defeats and disappointments. And that's a really important factor in life: you can't win everything."

    How my Hot Girl Summer landed me in therapy

    I think I pretty much accepted the fact that my summer had been somewhat unhealthy when my mother sat me down and asked me...

    Meet one of the students speaking out against sexual violence in private schools

    CW: Sexual violence and harassment  I’m supposed to be talking to Ava Vakil at 3pm. It’s currently 2:58 and I’m in my pyjamas. I drop...

    Monkey business: new research into novel decision making

    "The capacity for making novel decisions is present in both humans and primates, so how important is it to our day to day lives? We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home recently, and it often feels as though our daily routines are leading to stagnation, rather than to novelty."

    Forgive me, Katherine Mansfield, for I have sinned.

    "The essay I would go on to write, and, reader, the article I had drafted and readied for this very publication, would, I see now, have Mansfield, alongside pretty much every other writer of fiction, willing to cross both space and time in order to beat me around the head with a copy of Crime and Punishment."

    Have I heard that somewhere before?: i’m thinking of ending things and a crisis of originality

    Kaufman is confronted with the impossibility of forming a new idea in a world where everything has been thought before, by someone else

    “Helpless”: Whatever Happened to Maria Reynolds?

    Fear not, those of us who were unable to afford tickets to Hamilton on Broadway – for the mere cost of selling your soul...

    Classic Letdowns: Ulysses by James Joyce

    There are some rites of passage simply not worth the walk - just ask David Cameron. From pig’s heads to pyramids of naked would-be...

    Going for a run – a reality check

    ‘Running’, says American long-distance champion Kara Goucher, ‘allows me to set my mind free. Nothing seems impossible, nothing unattainable.’ Now, I’m not sure how she feels...

    SATIRE: Has anyone checked in on Gwyneth Paltrow recently?

    Holly Holiday from Glee consciously uncoupling from her brain stem has become the definitive image of Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 pandemic-based thriller, Contagion. Yes, Contagion, you know,...

    The Modern Memoir

    “I can’t believe that we’re on the fifth instalment of my autobiography. As usual with me, the three years since my last book, You Only...

    Walter Raleigh, Percy Shelley, and Me: Reflections on a First Term at Oxford

    “So, how’s uni going?” I imagine this question evokes the same kind of intense existential anguish as being asked how you’re dealing with the inevitability...

    Tinder? I hardly know her

    2:30AM. You’ve left Bridge before closing. Some reptilian part of your VK-addled brain sparks up and before you know it, you’re in bed swiping left on...