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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Edward McLaren

A Drink by Edward McLaren

I rise from my screen and enter the horizontal darkness above its frame, itself over the river I do not see. Why is it...

The Mechanicanon: AI and Literary Value

this new canon shall – by learning to load and fire itself – exile us from even counting as its projectile or target

My Dog and Its Owner

"My dog had lost its collar in a cave, Whereto, through chasing night, astray it ran After my whistle panicked in its ears."

The Sword-Cross

"A warrior of Palestine Traversed with a Cross for sword, From Babylon to Jerusalem, Until he spoke not word."

Laurence and Olivia

Her feelings were in constant melancholy. When that Thursday had accumulated into a sunset, she was unmoved. The dwindling clouds did not produce in...

Ennis and Marie

Ennis reduced me from the thing I was,Rounded and massive friend of crazed Marie,And lifted me and placed me in his palmAs I were...


Of the firm landscapeMen see muchBut hold little for sure What they learn is grownBefore workGathers them into a field Each one admiresA settlingIn place,...


Heaven must beThat old dreamOf my garden, but lasting When I wake, the leavesSeem to shred In the wind like manuscripts The pollinated JunglelandBecomes a sodden...

On the relation between Autumn and Spring

The days of Spring are Autumn’s accoladeFor that it can enjoy them, unadornedWith the cloak of sparrows or with the skirt of maize,Preserving each...


Her golden plumage shivered to a mane That grew the stalks and limbs of flowers and trees