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Jill Cushen

Editor-in-Chief, Hilary 2022. Reading English at Regent's Park College.

Setting the bar high: On running the college bar

Nestled behind the dreaming spires, cobbled streets and well-kept quads are some of the most beloved, and most frequented, spots in Oxford - college...

Money Talk: She who must not be named

Quid. Dosh. Smackers. Dough. We have numerous slang names for it, but we’re still afraid to talk about it. What is it? The intimidating, uncomfortable, best avoided m-word: money.

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie: A review

I read How to Kill Your Family while at home during the vacation and given my own parent’s unnerved curiosity as they scanned the book’s title, I can understand the necessity of the dedication to Mackie’s parents: “I promise never to kill either of you.” 

Pandemic sees rise in suspected exam cheating and collusion cases

University of Oxford investigated 27 cases of suspected cheating in the academic year 2020/21, Cherwell can reveal. Of the 27 suspected cases, only one case was upheld. 

Dominican delicacies: Food travels in the Dominican Republic

“Como de todo”, or “I eat everything”, was the first phrase I attempted in my not-so eloquent Spanish after landing in the Dominican Republic....

University announces plans for review of mitigating circumstances policy

'Above all, Oxford needs to acknowledge that it has failed the class of 2021 and fundamentally reassess its priorities if it wants bright students from across the world to continue to put their trust in the system to give them a fair shot.'

‘It feels so heartbreaking’: Students feel let down by mitigating circumstances process as University receives over 3,500 applications

"These were some of my lowest moments, and I forced myself to relive them by writing them down, pushing aside my discomfort in order to bare all to my examiners, only for them to turn around and reject them."

Oxford SU launch ‘It’s not enough’ campaign

"The only way we can enact real change is by holding the University to account and by pushing them to do better, because right now, it’s not enough."

Oxford Polish Society apologise for abandoning rubbish in University Parks

"We are sorry about not cleaning up, we regret what we've done and we promise this will not happen ever again."

Launch of 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Social Impact Awards

"Those who’ve made a difference deserve recognition for their achievements. Whether their contributions have been related to the pandemic, or elsewhere in the fields of research, volunteering, or campaigning, we hope that these Awards encourage students and staff to continue building relationships and looking after their neighbours going forward."

College policies vary after easing of national restrictions

"While the outlook is more optimistic and restrictions are gradually easing, the pandemic is not yet over."

The Spin Jazz Club announces move to the Old Fire Station

"Supporting local music is so important, especially now when it is under threat from grassroots venue closures across the country."

Oxford University criticised for its tracking of Israel’s vaccine delivery

"With the ongoing devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the impending hope for a better future in sight, it is more crucial than ever for scientists and policy makers to accurately track and follow vaccination coverage."

Concerns raised over Oxford Law Faculty’s new £2,500 summer programme

"The cost of the programme is £2,500 per person. Students enrolled on the course will engage in “enrichment activities” and will have the opportunity to write an essay and receive feedback from Oxford tutors. The course will include more than 50 contact hours made up of lectures, seminars and tutorials."