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    Lucy Enderby

    ‘Retelling Tales’ preview – “I heard stories that got inside my body.”

    Lucy Enderby is impressed by the originality and emotive power of ‘Retelling Tales’

    Not Forgetting William Hazlitt

    Despite critical acclaim, William Hazlitt is now scarcely read.

    Project 1917: The revolution will be tweeted

    The historical Project 1917 is bringing new life to the Russian Revolution, writes Lucy Enderby

    Exploring the poetry of the everyday world

    Quiet, mysterious Haruki Murakami fuses local culture with global emotions, writes Lucy Enderby

    Alain de Botton: “The university system is failing people”

    Author Alain de Botton, founder of the School of Life, talks philosophy, mental health and the education system

    In this fractured world, does empathy really hold us all together?

    Against Empathy is a compelling and relevant reevaluation of compassion

    Balliol’s beef with Burgerfest

    The controversial Burgerfest festival is set to go ahead on 27 May despite Balliol College requesting that it should not as it falls within a “red zone” of dates

    Torpids trophies inequality

    Women have been able to enter Torpids since 1969, although the winners have never received a trophy

    Vice-Chancellor slams safe-space culture

    Louise Richardson speaks out against “cosseted” middle-class students’ “echo chamber” environments

    Keep your ket use quiet online, says Exeter College

    Undergraduates at Exeter have been warned against posting about their drug use on social media

    Council votes to open up council and University buildings to the homeless

    A motion has been passed in favour of making vacant buildings in Oxford available for the homeless, following Open House campaign

    Oxford poet wins prestigious award

    The director of Oxford Business College is to receive an award for his poetry, written in Hindi

    Oxford reacts to snap election as long-serving Labour MP resigns

    Applications open for Andrew Smith's Oxford East seat, while Lib Dems hope to take Oxford West from Conservatives

    The crisis facing PhD students

    According to a study conducted by Ghent University, PhD students are facing significant mental health challenges