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Michael Shao

Film First: a box of tissues are needed for the first film to make me cry

Director Isao Takahata tugs at the heartstrings until you're bleary-eyed

The scout system at Oxford must be scrapped

Michael Shao argues that scouts, paid a pittance and often treated quite badly, remove any sense of privacy and adult independence at university

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the slime of Turkey

Erdoğan is humiliating Turkey on the international stage as well as gradually dismantling democracy at home

Oxford University is a risky investment

Michael Shao debates whether he would add the University of Oxford to his hypothetical portfolio of investments

Reject the Tory attempt to build a surveillance state

Michael Shao on why the government's call for new powers should be rejected

Oxford lawyers, quit your degrees. Now.

Michael Shao argues that software systems, developments in machine learning, and artificial intelligence will soon render lawyers obsolete

One thing I’d change about Oxford… academic freedom

Michael Shao wishes that there was a little more choice in papers beyond one's chosen subject