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Sophie Lord

Hilary: The ‘Grey’ Term?

"Hilary feels like there is no end in sight." 

Hybrid homes – fitting and not

"Oxford terms are frequently described as fever dreams, digestible only through Instagram photo dumps and Facetime debriefs."

Careers and Connections – the One Woman Mission

"Being an Oxbridge graduate is said to open doors - but not if you don’t know which doors to push."

You shall go to the ball – The Trinity tale of breaking and entering

Ball-crashing can only be a liberationist act if it has no impact on the people who genuinely paid for their ticket.

Accessibility is More than a Bullet Point – On Liz Truss’ Oxbridge Pledge

"Accessibility is about empowerment. It is about knowledge – addressing the legitimate fears that state school students have and enabling them to make an informed choice about what studying at Oxford or Cambridge is like."

In Harry’s House, there’s room for the romantic

‘Harry’s House’ is a house of several rooms. Of screaming elation, beautiful minutia, and doomed love, all of which make for a complex and emotive listen.

Access fatigue at Oxford: Letting ‘them’ in and letting ‘them’ down

"...my own feelings towards outreach are a lot more complex than they were when I first started."

How meritocracy fuels Oxford’s burnout cycle

"The desire to simply breathe, to spend a day without a to-do list etched into your brain, is a completely natural response to our unnatural environment."