Friday, April 16, 2021
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    Valentine’s Cocktails

    "With the season of love (or loathing) already upon us, here are some of my more accessible, go-to cocktail creations with a Valentine’s Day twist. Perfect for enjoying with your pals, lover(s), even on your own (dare I say it!)."

    In Contempt of Court: from Death Row to Guantanamo

    "It would be easy to dismiss Stafford Smith’s beliefs as fantastical - representative of his self-confessed privilege, or of a life untouched by crime and terrorism. But after our conversation, no part of me felt his beliefs existed in the abstract and were anything but born of conviction and, above all, experience."

    We hae meat and we can eat: Burns Night Banquet

    Haggis is hardly something to get excited about - when you hear dinner’s going to be offal stuffed into a sheep’s stomach, your mouth doesn’t exactly start watering. But as soon as you dare take your first bite, the divisive delicacy wins you over.