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Recording booths connect Oxford and Calais migrant camp

The booths, equipped with recording devices, allow people to send and receive messages between East Oxford and the Calais migrant camp

“No one wants to join” Bullingdon Club

Reports suggest the infamous drinking club is close to extinction, with as few as two members

Marine Le Pen Protest: Live Blog

Cherwell brings you its coverage of the protests against Marine Le Pen

Varsity Trip sold out in record time

3,200 places sold in less than six hours on biggest university ski trip to date

Wanted: Brasenose JCR Committee

No applications received for top JCR positions

"Disgusting initiations condemned"

Women’s lacrosse team dress as babies and teenage mothers, whilst nappies are taped to freshers' bodies

"Disgusting" initiations condemned

Women’s lacrosse team dress as babies and teenage mothers, whilst nappies are taped to freshers' bodies

An apology

In last week's issue of Cherwell, we stated that 'President's Drinks at the Oxford Union will start charging members for entry, it was decided...

So good you voted twice

Students illegally voted in home and University constituencies

Students break swimming record

Oxford students Lennard Lee, Harry Fisher and Nicholas Berry have broken the British record for crossing the Straits of Gibraltar, raising over £1,700 for charity through their account at


Football blues take Brookes varsity win

It has been a tough season for the newly promoted Women’s Blues football team. Now playing in the top league in their region, they...

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

Should Murray have been disinvited?

Yes: Hannah HealeyThe central argument against no-platforming in universities is a clear one: we should allow debate around controversial topics because it inspires resilience,...

Talaash preview – a fusion of dance, poetry, and identity

A discussion of the cultural significance and community spirit of Talaash

Union seeks legal advice over financial transparency rules

Requests for a detailed breakdown of the Society’s audited accounts for the 2016-17 financial year have been unsuccessful