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Tuesday, September 26th

Blind Date: “She took sufficient pity on my floundering”

Gerard Krasnopolski and Ella Grodzinski try, and fail, to avoid row-chat over a sober ginger beer

College Insider at Keble

Our insider on unorthodox architecture, and a brick

Snapshot: Brasenose Ball

Esmé Ash relives a night of sugar highs and The Jackson 5

Blind Date: “Annabelle literally begged Matt to handcuff her in the...

Honor, Matt, Annabelle, and James in Cherwell's first ever double blind date

Life Divided: Punting

Jamie Onslow and Anna Elliot meander off in different directions over punting

Diamond-studded skies and carriages at 5am

Susannah Goldsbrough eulogises on the wonder of balls

College Insider: Christ Church

Our insider on rowdy bops and Barbour jacket syndrome

Blind Date: “It soon became apparent that we were quite different...

George Dickinson and Laura Savage bond over politics, yoga, and disappointing ale

Friends with Benefit

Eimer McAuley and Jonny Adams discuss the transformative power of makeup

Losing our memories and our selves

Carolina Earle explores the impact of dementia and the importance of our memories on our selves