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Bullingdon Club kicked out of Christ Church by college porters – video

Watch: Members of the Bullingdon Club are marched out of Christ Church by porters while attempting to take their annual group photograph on the steps

Members of Oxford’s notorious drinking society the Bullingdon Club were marched out of Christ Church last weekend because they did not have permission to take their annual group photograph on college grounds.

Each year, the Bullingdon Club assembles to pose for their group photo on the steps of Christ Church’s Canterbury Quad – in the hope of replicating David Cameron and Boris Johnson’s infamous shot.

But when members gathered in Christ Church on Sunday 18 June with a professional photographer to take this year’s photo, they were removed by college porters after students protested.

Footage of the incident, obtained by Cherwell, shows the Bullingdon’s members in their blue bow ties being escorted out the college by staff members, while mocked by Christ Church students.

The video shows a delighted group of Christ Church students watch the Bullingdon members leave to the tune of the Benny Hill theme. One of those present, second year Prismo Marchant, told Cherwell: “They do not represent the values of our student body and we have made very clear that they are not welcome in our college.

“They left with their tails between their legs and Christ Church doesn’t want them back.”

Members of the group are confronted by Christ Church staff

Following the ejection, the Bullingdon Club have now reportedly been “banned” from Christ Church.

The Christ Church Dean, Prof Martyn Percy, told Cherwell: “In common with other colleges, we don’t allow groups to use college buildings for self-promoting photography unless permission has been requested in advance, and then agreed.

“Such permission was not sought, and the group therefore requested to leave.”

It is the latest setback for the secretive drinking society, which has reportedly faced torrid times in recent years. Reports last year suggested the club may be on the verge of extinction with only two members left, after a spell of bad publicity deterred many from joining.

The Bullingdon Club had been hoping to take their picture on the steps.

The incident is the second time in recent weeks that past or present Bullingdon Club members have faced embarrassment on Oxford college premises. In May, ex-Bullingdon Club member Boris Johnson was heckled by students upon returning to his old college Balliol.

One student shouted at Boris: “Do you want to smash a restaurant? Do you want to burn £50 in front of a homeless person,” in reference to the reported debauched behaviour of the club’s members.

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