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Aine Kennedy

A Hard Day’s Nightmare: Music and Sleep Paralysis

A typical depiction of sleep paralysis may be found in Henry Fuseli’s 1781 painting ‘The Nightmare’. A woman in a clingy white dress sprawls...

If music be the food of love, prey on

There are two types of Korean faces that generally appear in the Western media. One is thin, chiselled, and attached to a K-pop star;...

And Others’ Stories

A massive portrait of Ashley Walters looms over Kingsland High Road. Plastered across the second storey of a retail block, it gazes serenely over chicken shops, artisanal coffee houses, strip-lit barbershops, sourdough pizza restaurants.

Spectacle of Suffering

Representations of violence and torture used to be an integral part of enforcing the social order - but in a world of uncensored live streams and graphic media content, has our attitude to atrocity really progressed - or does it remain an unacknowledged dark obsession of mankind?

A Literary History of the F**kboy

The narrative of resistance and domination in relationships has been the recourse of storytellers since pre-Christian times, with the same lurid, visceral quality evident in Greek myth as in the modern trend of disturbingly violent porn. Yet these primal, animalistic tropes of female subjugation now exist in a ‘civilised’ society, whose vernacular is one of #TimesUp, sex positivity and high-street feminism.

Lazy Rich Caucasians: the legacy of the college admissions scandal

The story’s intrigue has stopped people focusing on what is actually important.

The Entangled Affair between Britain and the Catholic Church

Modern media has reinvented Catholicism as access to an intoxicating blend of nostalgia and taboo

To the Barricades! – via Waitrose

"It's not free, love." I looked up from my third slice of sunwarmed, spongy Hovis, and into the narrowed eyes of a middle-aged white woman...

My Cup Runneth Over

One environmentally conscious bleeder's tricky situation may shock the reader.

Virtue or reality: defending the white saviour

Charity work may often have selfish motivations, but it still raises awareness and money for good causes.

Fame, fortune and failure

Debunking the Unk: the curious tale of Curtis Adams

Who can afford such an indulgence: Cheap shots at expensive degrees

Last week, The Economist took it upon itself to settle once and for all the debate around which of your mates ‘does a real degree’, which...

Who can afford such indulgence?

'The Economist's' giddy attacks on an elitist Oxbridge reduce the issue to a caricature.

Surviving on Chips, Cheese and MSGs

Welcome to exam season, and the eating habits that accompany it