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Leader: The High Tide Swimmers

n terms of swimming, most locals - and the swimmers are mostly locals - favour Splash Point: a series of concrete steps leading down to a deeper descent into the groynes, aptly named, as the water splashes over the sea wall on choppy days. 

Worcester College warned of “unlawful discrimination” against Christians

Worcester College has been warned it could be “unlawfully discriminating against Christians” after the College apologised for hosting a controversial conference and reportedly canceled a second conference booking following complaints from students.

Magdalen President wins case against same sex couples’ right to marry

The Oxford University LGBTQ+ Society and the African Caribbean Society have released a joint statement expressing a “deep sadness” about the recent Privy Council judgement in favour of the Cayman Island Government and against same sex couples’ right to marry. The letter condemns Dinah Rose’s, the President of Magdalen College, success in representing the Cayman Islands in the Privy Council case. 

Oxford University Russian Club abstains from issuing statement on Ukraine invasion

The Oxford Russian Club has decided neither to make a statement nor take an official position on the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Hundreds protest local river pollution at the hands of Thames Water

On Sunday, January 23rd, approximately 350 people gathered in Port Meadow to protest Thames Water’s dumping of sewage into local rivers and waterways.

Swimmers complain of delay in sewage release notification

A group of outdoor swimmers called Brrrr! Have complained about an unknown sewage release in advance of their Christmas Day swim.

New scheme ‘twins’ Oxford colleges with city schools

A new scheme led by Oxford Hub, a charity ‘working to build a more equal, resilient and connected Oxford,’ sees Oxford University colleges twinning...

70% of 2022 offers made to state-educated students

The University has announced that for the 2022 incoming class of students more than 69% of offers to UK applicants were made to students educated in the state sector.

Hertford cat Simpkin banned from Exeter College library

The battle for Radcliffe Square has reached new heights as Hertford College cat Simpkin has been spending a lot more time in Exeter College cat Walter’s usual digs. In response, Exeter College has now banned Simpkin from the College library.

Timothée Chalamet’s ‘Wonka’ to be filmed in Hertford College

In a newsletter to its students, Hertford College confirmed that the resident college cat, Simpkin IV, will soon be “competing for quad space with the case and crew of the new Wonka film.” The filming is set to take place in the College before Christmas. 

Professor Louise Richardson to leave position of Vice-Chancellor

"Professor Louise Richardson is set to leave Oxford after a seven year term as the Vice-Chancellor. She will leave the role in December of 2022 and assume a new role as President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York in January of 2023."

Lincoln College students relocated following accommodation fire

A student from Lincoln College told Cherwell that “the mood amongst students … was one of shock (everything seemed a bit surreal), but also one of solidarity. Everyone was very supportive of one another."

ATIK nightclub closes in solidarity with nightlife boycott

ATIK has released a statement on instagram saying “after much consideration and after listening to both our staff and our guests, we can confirm we’ve taken the decision to close our student night, Park End, on Wednesday 27th October in solidarity with the nightlife boycott.”

Oxford to join nationwide boycott of nightclubs in protest over spiking

Oxford is joining a number of universities across the UK in having a ‘Girls Night In’,  in which students of all genders are encouraged to boycott nightclubs. The Oxford protest is due to take place on Wednesday the 27th of October, with other universities staging protests from the 25th of October to the 3rd of November.