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    Fionn McFadden

    “Not your best Judy”: The gay man’s misogyny

    Fiónn McFadden discusses the problem of misogyny among gay men and how it relates to the stereotype of the "gay best friend".

    Arrogant, Offensive Truth Twisters: Don’t cry for me, Britannia

    “Right guys, place your bets, how long do you think it’ll take Fiónn to become a Tory?” It was a cold January morning in my...

    Callous, Cowardly, Criminal: The Home Office’s failures to protect immigrants and refugees

    Dehydrated, dazed, and confused, but thankful to have survived the deadly journey. Thankful to have reached the country of opportunity in which they just...

    Arrogant, Offensive, Truth Twisters: The Catastrophic Failings of British Policing

    Yet I urge you to pause and reflect on the events just described: at what point, if at all, did the police ‘serve and protect?.’

    Hanging in the (im)balance: the state-private school disparity in Oxford

    "It is now time for private school students, committed to building a better future for all young people, to use their privilege and voice to pressure these institutions." Fionn McFadden investigates potential solutions to Oxford's state-private school disparity.