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    Joe Baverstock-Poppy

    Oxford must change its essay obsession

    The weekly grind of Oxford has detrimental effects on our learning, our mental health, and society at large

    Oxford students spend most on sex toys

    With four of the five top-rated universities in the UK making it into the top buyers table, it has been suggested that there may be a link between intelligence and sex drive

    How Oxford culture is dominated by the most privileged

    The issue is not a simple matter of discrimination but long term deficiencies in cultural upbringing in less privileged students

    Withnail and I was a buddy comedy unlike any other

    An old cult film showing in Cowley proves to be more sadly relevant to the student experience than expected

    Doctor Feelgood offers a happy release from Oxford stress

    Doctor Feelgood delivers a homespun and happy night at the Bullingdon

    Christmas through the imagination of Tolkien

    Letters from Father Christmas that Tolkein wrote for his children will be on display for the first time in the Bodleian exhibition in 2018.

    The culture of Homecoming, from a student’s eyes

    Depictions of homecoming remind us of what makes returning home such a confusing experience

    Ten years on, Burial’s ‘Untrue’ is still dripping with raw emotion

    Joe Bavs reminisces on an experimental classic

    Saving Cellar was a true victory for people power

    Joe Baverstock-Poppy argues that the reversal on closing Cellar has taught us something about the impact our student voices can have

    A unique and uncomfortable experience

    Lil Peep is our greatest living icon, writes Joe Bavs

    Oxford can’t afford to lose clubs like Cellar

    The planned closure of Cellar is a warning sign of our city's creeping gentrification

    Houghton Festival 2017 Review

    The brand new Houghton Festival impresses, delights and transcends the music it focuses on all together.

    Grief pushes music to its conceptual limits

    Mount Eerie's 'A Crow Looked at Me' may seem like an abstract experiment, but with its personal context it is deeply affecting

    Gangster rap with glimmers of uniqueness

    Big Fish Theory is a refreshing spin on modern rap music that shows there is plenty of talent and potential within Vince Staples