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Sam Purnell

Cocktail of the week: rainbow sangria

Sam Purnell shares a cocktail reminiscent of sunny Spain

Recipe: Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes

Sam Purnell shares one of his favourite home-cooked recipes

Cocktail of the week: Lemon drop

Sam Purnell suggests a cheap, but highly refreshing cocktail to enjoy this weekend

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Sam Purnell shares a not so long and winding recipe

Cocktail of the week: Oxford blue

Sam Purnell dedicates a cocktail to Oxford’s athletes

Cherwell Food & Drink Awards HT17

Sam Purnell presents the winners of Oxford’s definitive food survey

Recipe: caprese mac and cheese

Sam Purnell puts an Italian twist on an American classic

Recipe: an alternative pizza experience

Sam Purnell suggests a guilt-free version of a student classic

Cocktail of the week: raspberry basil highball

Sam Purnell devises a refreshing cocktail delicious with or without alcohol

Review: Dreamgirls

Sam Purnell is blown away by this revival of the classic musical at the Savoy Theatre

Recipe: A duo of warming Christmas drinks

Sam Purnell shares his favourite two drinks to enjoy this festive season

Live review: Ward Thomas at the O2 Academy

Coming onto the stage with an undeniably acoustic sound, Ward Thomas feel strangely out of place with the Bullingdon’s notorious grimy vibe. Somewhere behind...

Rewind: Nigeria’s 2013 Same Sex Marriage Act

Sam Purnell assesses the political sway which surrounded the 2013 Nigerian same sex marriage ban

Rewind: Let It Be

Sam Purnell reflects on the release of The Beatles’ final studio album