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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Cherwell News Team

Annie Teriba to resign all political posts

Anti-racism campaigner will step down from all positions after admitting to a non-consensual sex act

Oxford Conservative abused by online trolls

Christ Church student attacked following viral Owen Jones Guardian interview

Magdalen tops Norrington while Merton plummets

The 2014-15 Norrington Table has now been released, with Magdalen College taking the top spot

Student maintenance grants to be scrapped

The Chancellor George Osborne has announced in the Budget that from 2016/17 maintenance grants for low-income students will be abolished, to be replaced by higher maintenance loans

Concern at No HeterOx ‘purge’ from Facebook group

Members of the No HeterOx Facebook group have been removed by its administrators after an official statement ‘against assimilation and conservatism’ was posted

Presidential candidate has Union membership suspended

Union presidential candidate Zuleyka Shahin has been punished following an election tribunal

Univ JCR condemns dining society’s exclusivity

Univ JCR hits out at the college’s ‘condoning’ of secret Shakespeare dining society

Open letter by Union ex-Treasurer alleges Union transphobia

Defeated Union Presidential candidate Zuleyka Shahin alleges racist and transphobic abuse, as well as 'smear campaign' against her

Webber wins Union election by over 600 votes

Stuart Webber storms to victory with #STEP slate after unprecedented turnout

Benet’s students "emotionally blackmailed" by Master

Students at St Benet’s have complained of Master’s behaviour after he invited “racist” dinner guest and threatened resignation

Union in colonial cocktail catastrophe

Union's 'Colonial Comeback!' cocktail sparks outrage at colonial reparations debate

PPEist becomes PM

General Election pits Corpus Christi against Brasenose in Britain’s closest election in decades

Brian Lara to speak at the Oxford Union

Cherwell reveals some of the big names speaking at the Union in the upcoming term

Olivia Merrett announced as Union President

Following Roberto Weeden-Sanz and Antonia Trent's resignations, Olivia Merrett and Zuleyka Shahin have taken on their respective roles