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    David Alexander

    Surrealism on film: Fellini and ‘Juliet of the Spirits’

    Everyone’s going a bit crazy these days. I, for one, am happy to admit that the last few months have been quite bizarre, and...

    EXCLUSIVE: Student journalists nationwide respond to coronavirus

    Robin Connolly, Epigram, Bristol On the surface, students are seemingly most satisfied when they have something to grumble about. Although undeniably grateful when ‘safety...

    Friday Favourite: The Death of Ivan Ilyich

    "The novella’s real focus is the inevitability of death itself, which is so gargantuan, physically and philosophically, that retrospection is crushed into irrelevance."

    Eyes Wide Open: How Stanley Kubrick saw humanity

    Deep in idyllic Hertfordshire, in the last quarter of the last century, there lived an uncompromising genius. The director Stanley Kubrick was a recluse...

    Oriel to hold Coronavirus News solidarity dinner

    Oriel College is hosting a “solidarity dinner” on the evening of Friday 6th March, intended to act in solidarity with students from countries affected...

    Growing number of visitors to Covered Market

    The numbers visiting Oxford’s Covered Market have continued to grow, even staying strong during the January lull. New data from Oxford City Council shows that...

    Finding my Religion: Notes from a Leeds United supporter

    The car pulled to a momentary stop and I stepped quickly out onto the wet concrete. (Leeds City Centre is always wet). I was...

    The Early Roots of Film

    The Parisians screamed. And it seemed a perfectly reasonable response. After all, packed into a musty early cinema, they had just witnessed the Lumière...

    Jungle Fever: Back to Apocalypse Now

    Very few films are as rewatchable as Apocalypse Now. Francis Ford Coppola’s tale of Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard travelling upriver and through war-torn Vietnam, to assassinate...

    Optimism and anxiety at the HS2 Economic Growth Conference

    Passing waves of military canon and eccentric Tudor war helmets, I entered the conference hall as Wagner’s Rise of the Valkyries boomed out of the sound...

    Lost in Vienna: Reencountering ‘The Third Man’

    David Alexander provides a compelling case for the immortalisation of Carol Reed's film noir classic.

    ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’: Marvel’s much-loved web-slinger swings back into action

    "A pitch-perfect teenage (read: awkward) romance with great action, all anchored by solid performances from the ever-maturing cast."

    The Sweet Smell of Excess

    "While the social implications of excessive behaviour seem real and uncomfortable, then, the extent to which films tend to deal with these is, we surely have to admit, limited."