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Francesca Butt

Let’s not pretend that pandemics are a ‘foreign’ problem

"The outsourcing of blame for the coronavirus is an example of political scapegoating which relies on prejudice, rather than evidence, to become a shared and accepted narrative."

Blind Spots and Vigilantism: Learning from the ghosts of recent pandemics past

‘I refute the claim that news cannot be made directly relevant, engaging, and motivating wherever it happens.’ Francesca Butt warns us against the blind spots in our media coverage and tells us what we can learn from online outrage.

Review: The Oxford Revue and Friends

To keep an audience laughing consistently at amateur comedy sketches for over two hours is the impressive achievement of the cast of ‘Oxford Revue...

Review: Nutcracker

As a child, ballet lessons made me wince in pain, but two-and-a-half hours of The English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker passed in the blink...

Review: Things I Know to be True

This powerful family drama packs an punch at the Pilch.