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Meg Lintern

Meg is a Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Cherwell who oversees Features and Profiles. She's also a second-year history student at St Catz.

“You write things and get lucky”: In conversation with screenwriter John Hodge

Although you may not know John’s name, you’ll certainly know his work. Having written the screenplays for Trainspotting, The Beach, A Life Less Ordinary,...

“All it takes is one yes”: In conversation with Sian Eleri

It’s a rainy January day and I’m sitting alone in my room, anxiously scrutinising my face on Zoom as I wait for Sian Eleri...

Cherwell’s College Bar Crawl

https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/12291730/ A lot can be discovered about a college’s culture from the ingredients of their college drink. The ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that is...

Teenage Meningitis vaccination programme drives herd immunity across all ages

Researchers from Oxford University have found that a teenage meningitis vaccine programme drives herd immunity across all ages. This week, Oxford scientists have reported findings...

Special Report: Merton tops 2021 Norrington Table but rankings show link between college wealth and academic performance

Merton College, described by students as “where fun goes to die”, has lived up to its reputation for high academic attainment by topping this...

‘Not Here, Not Anymore’ holds protest against Oxford Uni’s sexual assault policy

NHNA is a student campaign aiming to fight against the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in colleges and push Oxford University towards improved sexual assault policies.

St Catz college dog gives birth to puppies

St Catherine’s college dog, who is aptly named Catherine, has just given birth to four puppies. Catherine, a cocker spaniel, “really hit it off” with...

Stephen Fry convinces: Oxford Union votes to repatriate contested artefacts

The Oxford Union voted in favour of the motion “This House Would repatriate contested artefacts”, with 250 ayes to just 52 noes. The debate...

Oxford-based charity Asylum Welcome offers help for local refugee hosts

Oxford-based refugee charity Asylum Welcome is preparing to help the local groups, organisations, and individuals who are about to host Ukrainian refugees. More than 20,000...

Lady Margaret Hall accused of silencing rape victim

CW: rape, sexual assault Lady Margaret Hall silenced and mistreated a victim of rape, according to a recent article by The Times. The article states that...

New study links US Stand Your Ground laws to 700 additional homicides every year

A new study has revealed that Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws, which allow protection for individuals who use deadly violence in self-defence, have resulted in an additional 700 homicides in the US each year since their introduction.

Oxford Union holds emergency panel on Ukraine Crisis

A key theme of the panel was the unanimity of the speakers. All three were in agreement that Russia’s actions are both unexpected and condemnable, and that the West’s reaction has pleasantly surprised them in its strength and collaborative nature.

Oxford University has not joined a pledge to stop using NDAs in misconduct cases

Oxford University is yet to add its pledge to the Can’t Buy My Silence campaign.

Rhodes Scholar withdraws after ‘false’ claims of poverty

A Rhodes Scholar who claimed that she had grown up in the foster system has lost her scholarship after an investigation revealed that she grew up in a middle-class family and attended a $30,000-per-annum private school.