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Oxford hospitals amongst the worst for delays and cancellations

510 delays and cancellations are highlighted by watchdog's report

Oxford climbs Greatest Sporting Cities list following United’s promotion

Oxford has climbed from 40th to 21st in ESPN and the University of Bath's 2016 rankings

Solidarity for victims of sexual assault at the Radcam

The gates of the Radcliffe Camera have been covered with notes expressing solidarity for victims of sexual assault. "To girls everywhere I am with you" is written...

Graduates face “one of the toughest job markets in recent times”

Opportunities for recent graduates have fallen by eight per cent across the UK, according to Adzuna

Yes please, NUS!

Students have voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining affiliated to the NUS

Electoral malpractice plagues NUS referendum

The referendum on Oxford's affiliation to the NUS has descended into chaos with allegations of electoral malpractice on both sides. At New College, the JCR mailing...

Ballin’ for a tenner

Harris Manchester are running an Oxford ball with tickets set to cost only £10 on Friday of 7th week. The ball will have three different parts. First, a...

Cambridge college refuses to drop “Orient Express” Ball theme

CLARE COLLEGE’S MAY Ball committee will maintain its ‘Orient Express’ theme despite criticism from students of cultural appropriation. This follows Trinity Hall College’s decision to drop the...

Mann, MP, confronts anti-Semitism in Labour

John Mann MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism, addressed OULC on Monday. He stressed the need for OULC to accept the Macpherson definition of...

Jamie Vardy made honorary member of Brasenose JCR

The JCR voted to invite the Leicester star to run for Ball President

John Mann MP addresses Antisemitism with OULC

John Mann MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against Antisemitism, addressed OULC on Monday. He stressed the need of OULC to accept the...

Labour Club to debate women empowerment

The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against anti-Semitism will address OULC before motions on empowering women and condemning the new NUS President are debated

University and City Council release pro-European statements

The University's statement was shortly followed by the City Council's similar expression of support to the pro-European campaign. Analysis by Dan Sutton

Majority want NUS ‘Oxit’

Following announcement of NUS referendum, Cherwell survey finds that majority want out