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Josephine Pepper

Oxford’s driverless destiny

Josephine Pepper talks to CEO of Oxbotica, Graeme Smith, about the future of autonomous vehicles

Putting policy under the microscope

Josephine Pepper talks to Sir Mark Walport, Chief Scientific Advisor for Government and former Director of the Wellcome Trust

Dr Nick Lane on the origin of life

Cherwell talks to the UCL researcher and popular science writer to investigate the media hype surrounding his ideas on life’s beginning

Interview: Elspeth Garman

Professor Garman explains how she drives scientific progression from behind the scenes, the Garman limit, and the unintended difficulties with female quotas

Interview: Sir Paul Nurse

The Nobel Laureate discusses new Institutes, his aims for women in labs, and post-Brexit hopes

Interview: Dame Anne Glover

"Politicians are still reluctant to acknowledge the [scientific] evidence when it doesn’t suit their philosophy and everybody loses when that happens."

Interview: Jim Al-Khalili

Professor Al-Khalili on the enigmas of quantum biology, and why we should care

Why Science Must Not be Left to the Scientists

Josephine Pepper argues for greater cooperation between science and journalism, as Cherwell launches its new science section

A little (qu)bit closer to a quantum computer

Breakthrough at Oxford's Clarendon Laboratory brings the computing dream a little nearer