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Nina Holguin

Disappointing and passionless: The Met Gala 2022 review

"More than half of the outfits could have been worn for any other red carpet or film premiere that year."

Behind the Screens: the thankless job of editing

CW: Mentions of suicide In a previous Cherwell column, I wrote that cinematographers manipulate an audiences’ viewpoint. If that is the case, then editors are...

Behind the Screens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Referencing in Film

Referencing in Hollywood is a bit like a currency at the moment; writers can buy some pre-existing emotional attachment, with very little effort on...

Behind the Screens: Analysing film soundtracks with zero music knowledge

To not think about a film’s sound is to not think about cinema as a whole experience. However, I’m not going to lie, I...

Behind the Screens: Power, Sex, and the Male Gaze in Cinematography

As the camera decides how the audience is to feel about certain events and characters, it is certainly not a neutral agent.

Six of the best: film soundtracks to get you working again

After far too long at home for many of us, it’s almost the start of Michaelmas; I don’t know about anyone else, but my productivity has...

Cinematic activism: Wind River and the #MMIW campaign

The power of film lies in its ability to force you to view a situation from another perspective

A No Spoiler Review of Mrs America

To be honest, I didn’t originally want to watch Mrs America. I have studied the history of 1970s American feminism so hearing that Phyllis...

“But where are the bonnets?”: Little Women and historically inaccurate costumes

In case you didn’t know, Little Women (2019) won Best Costume Design at the most recent Oscars and there are a good number of...

Musicals in movies: The interplay between reality and fantasy

Musical movies, juxtaposed with and exposed by realism, make me feel more. They make everything hurt more when you watch them fall apart, but they make the highs even higher.

Comfort Films: A Good Year

A charming British Rom-Com set in the idyllic Provence countryside, what more could you want? Sign me up, sign yourself up, sign everyone up....

The Fashion of Villanelle

"Gone is the femme fatale spy-assassin we have been accustomed to seeing."

Ballet: bewitching, beautiful, bold

I have loved ballet all my life. Since day one it has been filled with Barbie ballet DVDs, ballet dolls and of course ballet lessons. While...