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Main Character Syndrome

"The library is as much an opportunity to look sexy and mysterious, couched in panelled oak and dim lighting, as it is a place for reluctant study."

“I am a proud convert”: My conversion to Judaism

   I am a proud convert. My interest in Judaism began with my family background,...

Preserved in blue and white: Sarah Cooper

"The idea of writing a column about a breakfast condiment may seem fanciful, but this particular marmalade does have a genuine place in British culture."

Receipts of Deceit – Lay Mohan

Lay Mohan deconstructs the perception of corruption as a historically distant or ‘foreign’ concept....

A retrospective on Pesach 2022: Leah

"Perhaps the question of how we can connect to traditions authentically, without doing things we don't believe in for the sake of it or giving up on truly living our Jewishness, is a universal diasporic and/or secular conundrum."

Behind the Screens: the thankless job of editing

CW: Mentions of suicide In a previous Cherwell column, I wrote that cinematographers manipulate an audiences’ viewpoint. If that is the case, then editors are...

Will Neill’s Real Deal: The Decline and Fall of Boris Johnson

This has been a bizarre week for Boris Johnson. I appreciate that this is an evergreen statement, applicable to basically any week in the...

Code Name Mary: Jewish Heroes

It is rare to hear about a life as extraordinary as that of Muriel Gardiner. A student who left Oxford for an underground socialist...

Auntythetical: The pressure of the dreaming spires

Everything that I thought made me worthy of being here, that I fought to read and learn alongside my studies, feels insignificant

Auntythetical: Being stuck in the middle

The ostracism I felt had forced me to choose between my identity and the chance to have friends.

Pens, Paper, and Panic: On OCD and perfectionism at University

"This self-sabotage is something that’s really intensified, along with a lot of my other OCD symptoms, since coming to university. I could stare for hours at a blank screen out of pure worry that what I’m writing wouldn’t be a masterpiece. This is the point at which the compulsions kick in - tapping on my head five times for good luck is my most common one. Any mix-up in how I do it and I’ve got bad luck for the rest of the day."

Brain Freeze: Reflections on the Girl I see in the mirror

I look at the girl in the mirror and I wonder if she is me. It is hard to connect with my body now....

Behind the Screens: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Referencing in Film

Referencing in Hollywood is a bit like a currency at the moment; writers can buy some pre-existing emotional attachment, with very little effort on...

​​Political Corruption Gone Mad: Owen Paterson and Tory Sleaze

‘Selflessness. Integrity. Objectivity. Accountability. Openness. Honesty. Leadership.’ These are the Seven Principles devised by Lord Nolan’s 1994 Committee on Standards in Public Life to...

Off the Rails: Drama in Ljubljana

I write in genuine fear. I have discovered that C has read my diary and the results were not pretty – and now I’m...

Callous, Cowardly, Criminal: The Home Office’s failures to protect immigrants and refugees

Dehydrated, dazed, and confused, but thankful to have survived the deadly journey. Thankful to have reached the country of opportunity in which they just...

On PTSD and Trauma: An Interview with Dr Hannah Murray

I recently went to The Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma to chat with Dr Hannah Murray, a PTSD clinician. Dr Murray is...

Auntythetical: Is beauty in the eye of the coloniser?

I regularly feel overlooked in favour of my white peers. I know that this isn’t just a ‘me problem’, having discussed this with my other Asian friends, but it feels incredibly personal.

Behind the Screens: Analysing film soundtracks with zero music knowledge

To not think about a film’s sound is to not think about cinema as a whole experience. However, I’m not going to lie, I...

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