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Oxford grad launches new access initiative

The new organisation aims to connect disadvantaged students with Oxbridge mentors

How to get into Oxbridge 101

Oxbridge summer camps claiming to know the secret to admissions benefit nobody but the companies themselves

Sathnam Sanghera: “We’ve got to go through this painful process”

The Times columnist, a vocal critic of Oxbridge's admissions data, says that access is about attitude, not money

Science is not just for boys

What are the origins of the gender gap in Stem subjects at Oxford?

New colleges would not improve Oxford’s access

Access solutions must be put into place across the whole university

Access denied: Oxford’s white privilege is revealed

White British applicants twice as likely to gain admission as their black British peers

Inequality at universities is a symptom, not a cause

Social injustice occurs before students even apply

Oxford should not bear all the blame for its access problem

It was recently revealed that only 2.8% of Oxford’s intake for 2018 will come from areas defined as the most difficult to engage in higher education

Twelve private schools gain more Oxford offers than the north

Privileged elite continue to dominate Oxbridge admissions

Oxford’s southern obsession

As more attention is called to Oxbridge’s prejudiced admissions practices, Emma Carter analyses the barriers to entry for northern applicants