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The Countdown To 2024: Abortion Rights May Be The Democrats Saving Grace.

"In a week where Republicans tore chunks out of each other in a bruising primary debate, the clear frontrunner, Donald Trump, was in New York, battling to save his crumbling Manhattan Empire. "

Where does war according to Russia’s West leave its East?

“It’s not for nothing that they call Pevek the city of romantics and daisies”, local resident Irina Shuvalova tells the camera. Taking part in...

Suella Braverman – the trap for women (of colour) in politics

"After being unceremoniously sacked from her position, her divisive reign as one of the highest-ranking ministers in this country has come to an end."

An American’s take of the Americans’ take

This term, the Oxford Union has planned to host two former United States Speakers of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy. In an...

Decline and Fall: How They Broke Britain by James O’Brien- Review

"Today, in the wake of Brexit, Britain is once again broken – so argues commentator James O’Brien in his new book, How They Broke Britain."

The French left: its own worst enemy?

"To say that the French left has a political unity problem would be an understatement."

A Bubble Within a Bubble?

"There must be more to this trend than the general tide of anti-Tory feeling which has been swelling up everywhere since at least the start of Partygate."

As Poland steps back from the precipice, others are ready to take the leap

"The EU lives to see another day and Orbán has lost a key ally in his fight against EU cooperation"

Populism over policy: a tool for public division

"The rise of populism has caused a shift towards dog whistle slogans, inflammatory rhetoric and the idea of a secret elite"

The Fire That Still Burns: The Political Relevance of ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ and Its Message of Human Continuity.

"Humans have been fighting metaphorical, and sometimes literal, fires for decades"

Trump, the American left, and political ‘Voldemorts’

"talking about Trump only added to his power and creating endless discourse about him gifted him a status and political validity he did not deserve"

64% of History & Politics finalists left with unclassified or DDH degrees

Amidst the ongoing UCU marking boycott over 25% of History & Politics (HisPol) finalists have been left unable to graduate and another 35% unable...

Why British politics hates the young

Time and time again, the interests of a youthful many have been neglected in favour of an elderly few. What the young need more than anything else is a growing economy; but for the old economic growth is difficult and disturbing

How do we keep Campsfield closed?

In the first week of Hilary Term, The Student Union became an officially named member of the Keep Campsfield Closed Coalition. The coalition has...

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