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Iran: What Could Happen Next

The assassination of General Qasem Soleimani constitutes not only an escalation in tensions between the USA and Iran, but one of the...

A Decade to Forget

For a man who once helped his friend try to beat up a journalist, calling a December election was in retrospect a rare act of...

The Rise of Scruffy Politics

On the night of the 2016 US Presidential election, a group of my friends gathered to watch the event. At our...

Ten Politically Inspired Books to Read in 2020

The last three years of politics are enough to make a person want to do some Malcolm Tucker-esque screaming into the void....

Punch and BoJo

What happens to satire when politics is already a joke?

Opinion – With its most catastrophic defeat since 1935, Corbyn’s Labour...

Miles Pressland & Joe Davies consider the reasons why Labour saw such a landslide defeat - and the common denominator is Jeremy...

Interview: Rosie Sourbut, Labour candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon

Rosie Sourbut is not only a candidate but also a third year English student at Somerville College....
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Interview: Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve on small "c" conservatism, Brexit and our national identity crisis.

Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Protest Art

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down. Any art fan should celebrate that. Not just because it represented a profound triumph for free expression against the forces of authoritarianism and censorship, but because the thing was a bloody eyesore. The grey concrete was awful enough, but then the Berliners went and covered it in sodding graffiti.

Inside an MP’s constituency surgery

Aidan Chivers documents a day in the life of Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds
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