Saturday, January 16, 2021
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    Opinion: On Scotland, Devolution, and The Labour Party

    Unionism can only work if all nations are satisfied: a real regard for the Scottish people must be made. Such regard that is formed by compassion and a distribution of wealth, power and opportunity would ensure that this positive situation is not only made but sustained.

    Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis: a Failure of Ethnofederalism?

    "While it is essential to understand the way Ethiopia’s ethnofederal structure has influenced the current crisis, and will continue to do so, it’s perhaps not particularly useful to assign the system blame. It is the product of a long history of other tried and failed systems."

    Opinion – Corbyn’s suspension shows a new future for Labour

    TW: antisemitism Shame. That is the only worthy reaction of every Labour member and supporter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s recent findings. The...

    In Conversation with Jihyun Park

    CW: Mention of torture and abuse Within the past few months, rumours claiming the death of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un, have circled our news...

    OPINION: Boris’ Bill will shatter peace in Northern Ireland

    "If this Bill goes through, if the Conservative party hurtles headlong into a no-deal Brexit, Lyra McKee will lose her status as the last victim of the Troubles."

    OPINION: The new foreign policy and international aid ‘super-department’ suggests the...

    "Aid must be apportioned on the basis of necessity first and foremost, not dictated by foreign policy interests"

    The Chosen One Turns Chooser: Joe Biden’s Running Mate Dilemma

    In 1961, the charismatic John Fitzgerald Kennedy offered the vice-presidential nod to Senate Majority Leader and career establishment figure, Lyndon Johnson. They had no real personal...

    The Future of ‘That Party Bernie Crashed’

    Now that Bernie Sanders has taken himself out of the running for President, Spencer Cohen looks at the legacy he has left behind.

    The Kitchen as a Political Space

    Men tend to ‘enter into’ the kitchen whereas women are understood to be already there.

    Is escapism acceptable?

    We have a certain cultural responsibility