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Sunak’s Samba with the fashion industry

In Rishi Sunak’s recent Downing Street Interview, his words and promises were certainly not the star of the show. Showing off his Adidas Sambas,...

Oxford Union believes the EU has a bright future

On Thursday night, the Oxford Union voted in support of the motion ‘This House Believes the EU has a Bright Future.’ The final count...

Orange is the new orange – the many trials of DJ Trump

"Trump coming through these trials and remaining electable would be an indictment and a warning for institutional decay which demands a response."

‘Women don’t look like that in Algeria’: An interview with Houria Niati

"Yes, I love flowers and I love landscapes, but I am far away from that. When we talk about political art, I didn’t even...

Ten Years to Save the West by Liz Truss review: Revenge of the lettuce

I have met Liz Truss only once. It was in Oxford Town Hall in November of last year and I had tried (without success)...

The Rwanda deal: Inspiration for other countries?

"Rwanda still has the chance to be the last line of defence against this policy"

Who are Trump and Biden speaking to?

We should keep in mind when reading about American politics, who the candidates are trying to convince (or scare) in order to win. That is, in most cases, why they are saying what they are saying.

‘Hustler nation’: A Kenyan cultural crisis? 

Jomo Kenyatta’s ‘Harambee’ movement in 1963 sought to unite the then newly formed Kenyan Republic, assembling from smouldering ashes a sense of cooperation and...

Reading political autobiographies, so you don’t have to

Publishing a book has long been a trend for those leaving government in the UK. Memoirs and autobiographies are naturally intriguing, offering us the...

Rags to riches: unravelling the stitched up class divide in fashion

Fashion trends come and go as quickly as the seasons change, but is the UK class system still entrenched by these shifts in style?...

Why you should be political

Many of us have been told that the only political thing we must always do, and the most important thing we can do, is...

Far-right populism spreads to Portugal

The Portuguese elections in March delivered not only a resounding rejection of the corruption-riddled centre-left government, which a few years ago was viewed as...

“If you want to understand the mess we’re in today, you need to know some history.”

Eugene Rogan, a historian of the Middle East and fellow of St. Anthony’s College is a tutor I feel slightly in awe of: charismatic...

Bust?: Saving the Economy, Democracy and our Sanity by Robert Peston and Kishan Koria- Review

"So long as we have an economic system geared towards the accumulation of wealth rather than the acquisition of it, inequalities will continue to widen"

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