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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Tag: politics

Northern Ireland’s three-way split

For the first time since the foundation of Northern Ireland, a nationalist/republican party with the expressed aim of a united Ireland is the largest...

The unbearable lightness of grieving

CW: gun violence, murder, terrorism This morning, I woke up to the news headlines about the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas:...

In between practicality and principle: a partial observer’s advice for the French left

"When faced with unity or annihilation, it is time to put aside minor differences, and think about ultimate aims – if not for ourselves, then for those who will suffer under the opponent’s policies."

‘Doomer politics’: The death spiral of Russian civil society

"The end of doomer politics will require the ideal scenario of regime change, and then that the West actually demonstrate to Russians that there is a workable alternative to the way their country is run."

Raging against the dying of the light: what the DUP’s predicament tells us about the state of unionism in Northern Ireland

"But on 5th May 2022, when Northern Ireland goes to the polls to elect representatives to its legislature, the DUP is expected to have its long shadow over Northern Irish politics substantially shortened. Polls have consistently shown the party’s leader – Sir Jeffery Donaldson – as the most unpopular of the Northern Irish political leaders, and the party has been embattled by resurgent intra-community political rivals."

The political power of gender expression: Lessons from female dictators

"Current female MPs are expected to act as female politicians, not just as politicians. This pressure is incredibly unfair."

Exclusive: Politics Faculty refuse to record ‘Politically Sensitive’ China lectures

For the last two years the Faculty of Politics and International Relations has not recorded lectures titled “Is China a Democracy?” and “On...

‘The most important lesson I’ve had as a journalist’: Adam Fleming in conversation

Adam Fleming joins me just before his daily nap. A critical part of his daily routine, enabling those 4AM starts and late-night Newscast sessions,...

The politics of pink: A brief history of pink

"the ever-changing significance of the colour pink has worked to define and redefine its own politics."

Arrogant, Offensive Truth Twisters: Don’t cry for me, Britannia

“Right guys, place your bets, how long do you think it’ll take Fiónn to become a Tory?” It was a cold January morning in my...

In the belly of Jordan Peterson: Ambivalence in question with the ersatz journalist

"There is no Culture War without its student soldiers. In some ways, the Jordan-Peterson-spectacle is funny; and we can laugh. But we cannot dismiss these people. Perhaps instead we might look a hunched Professor in the face and ask ourselves: what’s it all about?"

Beer drills and beer fountains: the potential outcomes of Tracey Crouch’s alcohol plans

Mix beer with a sore defeat, and the pint cup could become an effective weapon for the football fan.

‘I’m a practical man’: Lech Wałęsa in conversation

There can’t be many people who have inspired both an opera and a U2 stadium anthem. President Lech Wałęsa may well be one of...

Review: 2nd May 1997 // Love Song Productions

2nd May 1997 manages to use a pivotal moment in political history to explore three very different relationships and the difficulties they face. It is performed with grace and humour, using the political events as a mirror that reflects the difficulties of each pair’s situation.

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