Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Lib Dem MEP deems Polish Soc disinvitation “censorship on campus”

The Polish Society has said that their decision is final.

Counselling referral rates among highest in Russell Group

Increased demand has forced Oxford University’s Counselling Service to further reduce the number of counselling sessions per student, with this year seeing...

Landslide for librarian

Librarian for the Oxford Union, Brendan McGrath, has survived calls for impeachment after winning yesterday’s poll by 400 votes to 189.

Trinity email leak exposes sensitive information to JCR

One Trinity JCR member told Cherwellthat, “This incident send a worrying signal of the effort the JCR put in student welfare.”

Record turn-out for SU elections

The new record beat the previous best set in the Michaelmas Term 2013 election, where 4,494 votes were cast.

‘No-platforming’ could be illegal, government warns

Universities that cancel speakers due to planned protests could be in breach of the law.

Union Slate-Gate!

Williams supported the impeachment of the Librarian in his Union speech

SU creates survey for “vulnerable” student sex-workers

The 43-question survey was sent out last week and asks about a multitude of aspects of sex work.

Concerns raised about religious inclusivity at Somerville

In the end, the motion passed with 26 JCR members voting “in favour of re-adding the halal and kosher aspects of the original motion on the condition that it is pre-stunned”.

Budget cut for Bodleian Libraries

Book purchasing budget to fall by nearly 3 per cent in real terms
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