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    ‘Cozzie livs’ core: recession fashion trends

    'If mankind has established one thing in the recent years of pestilence and political disarray, it is that anything can become a fashion aesthetic.'

    ‘This House’: An Interview with the Cast and Crew

    "As a play which I suppose relishes the grubby reality of politics instead of just putting politicians in the pillory for their inconsistencies and failures, it’s one that really appreciates it."

    “Staying in the trouble” at Oxford

    “Staying with the trouble”. This was a quote from feminist geographer and all-round academic queen Donna Haraway (2016), cited in Elwood and Leszczynski’s (2018)...

    Oxford Retirement Policy Ruled Discriminatory by Tribunal

    An Oxford University don has this week won a claim brought against the University after he was forced to retire aged 68. The controversial policy...

    Fight for student accommodation giant IQ begins

    The world's two largest property investors, Blackstone and Brookfield have joined bidders for IQ, a UK student accommodation company. As reported by the Financial Times,...

    Union President resigns

    Union President Brendan McGrath has resigned this evening over the treatment of Ebenezer Azamati

    Resignations as impeachment proceedings begin against Union President

    Members of the Union's committee have resigned in support of Mr Azamati

    Stopping the fast fashion juggernaut

    A sceptical look at sustainability in the fashion industry

    EXCLUSIVE: Oxford Union releases Michaelmas term card

    Speakers include Theresa May, Arron Banks and Candace Owens. There will be debates on authoritarianism, the climate crisis, science and fake news.

    “Better for Oxbridge students”: Oxbridge only grad employment scheme launches

    A start-up careers service claims to fast-track applications from Oxbridge students to internships in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Dreaming Spires, founded by a...

    Billionaire’s Oxford donation sparks protest

    Blackstone has been accused of fuelling the housing crisis, the deforestation of the Amazon and the UK's social care crisis. An open letter is calling for full transparency over how this donation was processed.

    Why a No-Deal Brexit could mean the end of British Film

    But it’s independent British films that have the most to fear in the looming shadow of a no-deal Brexit. Most people working in the film industry voted against leaving altogether – why? Because the European Union massively supports creative industries in a way that our government alone either can’t or won't.

    Balliol students launch petition to bar PM from college premises

    The petition, which has received 150 signatures, accuses the PM of "seriously undermining democracy", and also calls for a ban on the college displaying images of the former student.

    UCAS promotes high-interest loans to desperate students

    Future Finance loans can result in students repaying more than three times the original amount of their loan over a decade, regardless of their earnings.

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