Friday, May 13, 2022
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Oxford isn’t designed to change

"Oxford is doing what it is designed to do: reconstruct and renew Britain’s elite first, act as an educational institution second."

Oxfess: Why the fixation?

Let’s imagine it’s night-time, you’ve settled in for an early one after a long old day, and you decide to innocently scroll through the...

Censor steps back from safeguarding duties after ‘liking’ explicit tweets

The Christ Church Junior Censor has stepped down from safeguarding duties after a complainant found him to have liked tweets containing erotic images.

Special report: How Oxford partnered with Russian bank and Blavatnik

Vladimir Milov, Alexei Navalny’s chief economic adviser and a former Russian deputy energy minister, told Cherwell: “I can tell you that I think by any reasonable standards, Oxford did not do a proper due diligence on Fridman, Aven, or Blavatnik.”

Oriental Studies faculty to propose changing name to “Faculty of Asian...

The name “Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies” will replace “Faculty of Oriental Studies”, Prof David Rechter, the Faculty’s chair, announced on Thursday morning. The proposed name change will now be recommended to the Humanities Division and the University’s Council.

Socratic Society in free speech spat after debate cancellation

The Oxford Socratic Society, a forum for discussing philosophical question, has been embroiled in a free speech row after cancelling a debate on the ethics of abortion. The motion, “Is abortion before 24 weeks unethical?” was set to be debated last Friday.

Oxford University students flee Ukraine after travelling day before invasion

Three Oxford University students, including two first-years, found themselves stranded after entering Ukraine almost two weeks after the Foreign Office told Britons to evacuate the country. They told Cherwell they were filming a documentary.

Law Society Chaos: Constitutional crisis, £6,000 lost on flowers

Internal communications and financial documents reveal how Michaelmas Term 2021 Law Society President Bartłomiej ‘Bartek’ Trzos appointed his friends to influential positions, tried to amend the constitution to allow appointments until graduation, and splashed out on a lavish, cancelled ball. Many hours of conversation with high-ranking members and exclusive access to internal papers paint a picture of a society wracked by power struggles and struggling to administer itself, exacerbated by what members of the executive told Cherwell was a £50,000 loss on the ball cancelled at the end of last term. 

What’s in a name? Buildings and the politics of nomenclature

Elena Rotzokou discusses the culture wars surrounding the naming (and renaming) of buildings in Oxford and beyond, and examines the meanings that these names carry.

Mansfield College creates Oxford’s first LGBTQ+ History professorship

Oxford University’s first professorship in LGBTQ+ History will be created at Mansfield College following an endowment of £4.9m.