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Census data shows Oxford is getting smarter 

The most recent census data, published January 10th, shows that Oxford’s residential population is one of the best educated nationwide. Oxford, a city which...

“In here, it’s just pretending…”: ‘Posh’ and the brilliance of impersonation.

At the end of it all, the audience are left in the wake of their destruction, while tellingly, most of the boys have left the scene, unscathed. 

Special report: “Have you come to see the shrunken heads?” University Museums face pressure to decolonise

Oxford University’s museums, the Pitt Rivers and the Ashmolean, have seen a growing appeal to revisit their spaces and museum practices with a contemporary...

Oxford makes progress after centuries of social engineering in admissions

"That students from Harrow no longer enjoy the 45.2% Oxbridge acceptance rate they did five years ago is not a crime."

Letting the “work do the talking” – Professor Samson Kambalu’s Fourth Plinth statue

I’ve spent more time explaining who he is over the last few weeks than having vital discussions on what is more important.

Oxford’s Ebola vaccine recommended by WHO for use against Uganda outbreak

A new Ebola virus vaccine developed by the Oxford Vaccine Group is one of three vaccines recommended for a trial in Uganda to combat...

Rhodes Scholars announced for 2023

The newest cohort of US Rhodes Scholars has been announced. The 32 chosen students will have their postgraduate studies in Oxford fully funded by...

‘This is how it’s always been’

Precedent is not always best – let’s hear out people’s different perspectives and ultimately if they have a convincing case things should change. 

What is Human Sciences?

As the degree celebrates its 50th year, Freya Jones asks current students what it’s actually about.

Oxford applications fall for first time in eight years

Amidst a cost of living crisis and cuts to the value of maintenance loan, Oxford University has seen a decline in admissions. There were...

Oxford Black voices on Black History Month

"Black history is so diverse but for black people it can be complex to process; immense pride can be matched with sorrow and disappointment at the history of our people."

Is The Union worth it?

Ultimately the hefty price tag of membership is the pinnacle of deciding on membership or not.

Careers and Connections – the One Woman Mission

"Being an Oxbridge graduate is said to open doors - but not if you don’t know which doors to push."

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