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“An ambitious testament to Epic theatre”: Angels in America Review

Angels in America: Milennium Approaches is a big show. Indeed, a play with a three-hour runtime and a Pulitzer Prize can really be nothing...

“I’d rather have regrets about not doing something, than regret doing it”: In conversation with Game of Thrones star, John Bradley

John Bradley West is an English actor famous for his role as Samwell Tarly in HBO’s massive global hit fantasy TV series, Game of...

Review: ‘A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar)’

'This is a production that knows what it’s doing.'

“Fast-paced, witty and painfully relatable”: Review of Immaculate

'The Devil, complete with a set of black wings, is sat at the end of the row having a chat with an audience member as we arrive for the opening night of Oliver Lansley’s ‘Immaculate’ '

“I’ve been the luckiest actor who will ever be”: In conversation with Sir Derek Jacobi CBE.

Sir Derek Jacobi is acting royalty, one of the most distinguished actors of our time. His career began as a founding member of the National Theatre...

Review: A Poet and A Scholar.

'The audience of Kian Moghaddas’ A Poet and a Scholar was in hysterics pretty much the entire way through.'

Interview: ‘Macbeth’ at the Pilch, an ensemble of tragedies

"Shakespeare gives us so much space to sort of deal with psychological problems, which aren't always necessarily textual, but really come through in rehearsals and give the performance a higher level of connection with the audience."

Review: Punk

"Overall, Punk was fun. It was light-hearted when it needed to be, and at other points rich and profound."

“Bursts of love, hate, and everything in between”: A Review of ‘Love and Money’

"Everything was brilliantly executed, but this play is hard to watch, not only because of its subject-matter but also because of the way it unfolds."

Review: This House

"The audience was delivered an impeccable and immersive experience which left a lasting impression."

‘This House’: An Interview with the Cast and Crew

"As a play which I suppose relishes the grubby reality of politics instead of just putting politicians in the pillory for their inconsistencies and failures, it’s one that really appreciates it."

Deuteronomy Review: Breath-taking, Heart-stopping, Terrifying

"I will be back tomorrow, and the day after; because if I never see Deuteronomy again it will be the tragedy of my life."

Review: Better Yesterday

"The most important takeaway of Better Yesterday... is ultimately the idea of how the voyeuristic public eye can be damaging to a relationship."

Review: Thamesis

"Jones’ performance was a joy to watch, and under Aspden’s expert direction they have a highly successful show on their hands."

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