Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Reinvention: rethinking gender and race on stage

    "Marginalised actors should not just be shoehorned into pre-existing plays without any respect or provision for the stories they have to tell. To do so is to package diversity into commercially successful morsels that are digestible for largely white, middle-class audiences."

    The Show Must Go On…but not in every region of the...

    Several regional theatres have struggled to cope in the pandemic, due to persistent negligence and underfunding for decades, both by regional funding bodies and the government themselves.

    Lighting: the art of manipulating the audience

    The effect of light is upon the unconscious, unacknowledged unless you are thinking about it, but it’s influencing you all the same.

    Behind the BT

    "What characterises Oxford drama? The energy and enthusiasm!"

    Creativity and Covid-19: How social interaction fuels the creative industries

    "Social interaction is fundamental for the financial wellbeing of creative industries, to provide a stimulus for new art, to exhibit art and also to remunerate those who devote their time to create it." George Newton discusses the impact of lockdown on artistic creativity and stimulus.

    Theatre and the Working Class

    When someone mentions British actors, who do you think of? Your mind probably jumps to people like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston or Eddie Redmayne....

    Review: Repeat Attenders

    In Repeat Attenders (2020), a legion of loyalists to musical theatre take their turn in the spotlight. The documentary introduces us to repeat attenders of theatre...

    Navigating the Theatre Interval

    Intervals. I know you have been dying to read an article about them for as long as you can remember, so I’ll put you...

    Laurence and Olivia

    Her feelings were in constant melancholy. When that Thursday had accumulated into a sunset, she was unmoved. The dwindling clouds did not produce in...

    Stage Adaptions: Midnight’s Children

    Iconic, encyclopaedic, and kaleidoscopic, Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children has garnered a healthy sense of both wariness and respect from critics and readers alike over...