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Dead Man’s Suitcase: A Review

"At once funny and profound, Dead Man’s Suitcase is a treat for the senses." Keng Yu Lai reviews Triple Cheque Productions' comedy musical.

“Who am I, and who do I love?”: Neil Bartlett’s adaption of Orlando

Ursula White reviews Neil Bartlett's adaption of Orlando at the Garrick Theatre starring Emma Corrin as Orlando.

Confessions of a Theatre Kid: Debunking The Myth

"This problematic and relentless framing of the theatre kid as marginalised or an 'underdog'... misses the fact that the arts are propped up by privilege."

“A thrilling look into disjunctive relationships”: Fêtid Review

"Morgan’s multi-faceted script offers a combination of dark comedy and depth which keeps the audience consistently intrigued."

“Refreshingly ambiguous” – Review of Wishbone

"Wishbone offers an insightful and tender portrayal of the complicated emotions tied up in a relationship".

‘After Life’: A review

After Life was an understated joy – a brilliant, bittersweet highlight of Week 7.

“In here, it’s just pretending…”: ‘Posh’ and the brilliance of impersonation.

At the end of it all, the audience are left in the wake of their destruction, while tellingly, most of the boys have left the scene, unscathed. 

A Night Under the Stars: Reviewing Enclosure

The programme for Mostly Moss Productions' Enclosure reads: “In this time of crisis hold each other closer. In community with each other, and with...

Delightful, witty and well-rendered: ‘Blithe Spirit’ in review

In something of a swan song for Oxford’s A2 Productions, on the 9-12th November, they took to the Keble O’Reilly Theatre for their production of...

The Duchess of Malfi: A Review

"Evocative performances, convoluted script, limited visual resources"

Hallucinogenic, but haphazard: A review of Honest Fool’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

"Lives and relationships intertwine in the depths of the woods"

‘Women You Know’: Review

"I laughed, I tried but failed to cry, and had an overall nice time spending my Wednesday evening listening to these two women."

Vessel : A Review

CW : mention of disordered eating, fat phobia, body dysmorphia Have you ever wept in a toilet stall—maybe during a particularly rough school day,...

Scenes with Girls: In conversation with Love Song Productions

"The dialogue is simultaneously so realistic and so weird and the characters and themes felt like they would really ring true to a student audience."

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