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A theatrical Utopia?

Emily Capon explores explores the possibility of a Utopia of ‘no-where’ on the stage.

Interview: Zoë Wanamaker

The actress on beginnings, theatrical lifelines and the deliciousness of language

Review: Life of Galileo

Didactic elements of Brecht's biographical play are highlighted by Velvet Vest Productions.

Review: Me, as a Penguin – ‘bound to put a smile...

A review of the heartwarming comedy by Pangolin Theatre Productions

Prometheus Unbound – An ancient tragedy in open air performance

"This performance breathed a fresh, modern dynamic to an otherwise static play". Phoebe Athena Hennell explores the implications of language in a Modern Greek performance of Aeschylus' ancient tragedy 'Prometheus Bound'. With contributions from Andreas Janssen.

Fry ‘held audience in the palm of his hand’ in Mythos...

Fry has enough charisma and charm to match any of the Olympian characters in his tales, but could he hold the audience’s attention for such a mythological marathon as this?

Stephen Fry on Mythos

James Rampton speaks to one of the nation's favourite story tellers about the upcoming production of his book 'Mythos'

War Horse – Coloured by Love and Hate

Morpurgo intended the tale to be one of ‘reunion and reconciliation’, but Nick Stafford and the National Theatre have transformed it into an ‘anthem for peace’.

The Rose Theatre Pop-Up: Shakespeare Goes Portable

The Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre wants its audience to experience Shakespeare as intended – in the bard’s self-designed theatre. But is this immersive theatre experience more pop-art than pop-up? Arabella Vickers reviews.

“A Kind of Dirty Poetry”

What does it take to put on a show at Fringe? With the finish line in sight, Missing Cat discuss the joys and travails of their project: a raw and visceral rendition of Woyzeck.
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