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Interview: Grant Nicholas (FEEDER)

Talking to Grant Nicholas is like talking to a nice bloke you met at the pub who really likes music. With three platinum...

Interview: David Harrington

Founder and Artistic Director of the Kronos Quartet David Harrington on contemporary music, collaboration and legacy

Frequencies and what they do to you

A primer to the niche field of "sound art"

Editing out excess

The phenomenon of excess in media is relatively modern. The notion of creating excess, then refining the total media into a coherent...

Excess of Expression: John Lennon 1969-72

'Why was it that, in putting self- expression, politics and philosophical substance at the forefront of his artistic agenda, Lennon’s music ended up failing to express both himself and everyday concerns with the same force as his work from the sixties?' A comparison of John Lennon's music from his solo career with his work in The Beatles.

Is the band ‘shame’ just shameful?

A discussion on how Shame have inherited the punk ethos

Inheriting ‘The Big Score’

Examining the appeal of the classic heist film

Post-Post-Punk: Got the Spirit, Lose the Feeling

What it comes down to is the fact that post-punk lacks the plasticity of genres like rock or hip-hop, which freely pool together music that would otherwise be separated by decades. It is, by its very name, less a style than a moment in time

Lust for Life: Lana Del Rey

A genre in herself, Lana’s sleepy Hollywood aesthetic and tragic love songs have earned her success in the indie pop scene....

David Bowie: The art of getting on a bit

The life of Ziggy defied expectation.
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