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Lust for Life: Lana Del Rey

A genre in herself, Lana’s sleepy Hollywood aesthetic and tragic love songs have earned her success in the indie pop scene....

David Bowie: The art of getting on a bit

The life of Ziggy defied expectation.

Fame, fortune and failure

Debunking the Unk: the curious tale of Curtis Adams
Spice Girls dance

Music and the Comeback Kids

Molly Innes discusses the art of the comeback, the “reunion” cash cow, and throwback culture
Keyboard with mixing desk

The rise of lo-fi

What makes imperfections so attractive?
Kronos Quartet play a concert

Classical music’s illusions

Lauren Hill discusses the captivating, and yet illusory effects of performing music at a point where music education is under threat
Musical theatre performers smile and sing

The Forgiveness Arc

Here are some of the best musical theatre songs centred around forgiveness
rolling stones - keith richards and ron wood

“It’s just a shot away”: The story of Merry Clayton and...

The dark and captivating story of the Rolling Stones and Merry Clayton - and how ‘Gimme Shelter’ was created
taylor swift sings into a microphone

“Look what you made me do”: Taylor Swift’s reinvention

The reinvention of her ‘reputation’ is not a change of character nor a sudden shift in her attitude to the spotlight. The Reputation era was simply a rebranding of sound, lyricism, production and image which worked to provoke her audience and, ironically, sustain her reputation.
The 1975 play on a stage

Review: The 1975’s latest album falls short

Some robotic pretentious waffle. Some cynical love songs. Some good hooks, a few nice bridges. Rinse and repeat for an album for an identikit album, with a dozen else out there the same.
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