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    ‘He eagerly played the lead guitar whilst simultaneously thrashing a piano chord with his foot’ – A review of Jacob Collier’s Bristol concert

    'With at least 12 different musical instruments on stage, Collier tirelessly leapt from one instrument to another across the stage'

    Jam Factory to reopen

    Having shut last September, The Jam Factory will reopen with Thirst Bar as the new license holders. The former tenants who ran a restaurant,...

    “The person in me was reduced to someone else’s interpretation”: In conversation with pop artist, Avanti Nagral

    Avanti Nagral is many things. She classifies herself as a Rory Gilmore, an older sister, a pink flamingo, Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover’, and a...

    “I’m trying to speak to people’s hearts”: In conversation with music collective, Steam Down

    When the line-up for performers at Exeter College Ball was released, most did not know what to make of this ‘Steam Down’. A group...

    Between Love and Hate: The Strokes’ Guide to Staying Together

    'US-based pop-rock band The Strokes have encountered just about all of rock’s common killers. And yet, 22 years on from their first album, they are still here – and reportedly working on a seventh.'

    ‘Ornamented choral what?’ – your favourite early sacred music like you’ve never heard it before

    'What is ‘polyphony’? I hear you cry. Why is it ‘choral’ and what makes it ‘ornamented’?'

    Art Behind Bars: The Jazz Album Born On Death Row

    'I write and recite these words on January the 2nd 2022, less than two years away from my proposed execution, which is scheduled to take place on November the 16th 2023.'

    Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’: A Tenth Anniversary Retrospective

    'What is there in our current pop landscape that could possibly have its roots in Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories?'

    The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – Planet Lam review

    "An exemplary of the international force of genre-bending, experimental music, this album represents a kind of music in which boundaries are transgressed and influences intermingled, creating an intensely enjoyable, diverse listening experience."

    Florence and The Machine: Dance Fever Tour Review

    "It takes a powerful vulnerability to shoulder the burdens and joys of helping others, through art or any other means. Welch does it beautifully"

    Jockstrap Live at The Bullingdon

    "I’m convinced they have one true goal... to ensure that you have an obscene amount of fun"

    Voëlvry: South African’s Rock’n’Roll Revolution

    "The Voëlvry artists clearly aimed to provide an example of a way to be both distinctly Afrikaans and disagree with the conservative government"

    RUSH! Hour: Måneskin In Review 

    "RUSH! is proof that Måneskin’s stratospheric rise to prominence is backed up by more than just sex appeal and the glitzy glamour of Eurovision."

    In Conversation With Velvet

    "If you haven’t heard of them, you should have."

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