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‘Find Me’ Expands Romance and Falls Flat

Find Me is the October 2019 sequel to André Aciman’s 2007 novel Call Me By Your Name, which was popularised by the success of its 2017 movie adaptation. As a...

Review: Troy: Myth and Reality

It would be hard to think of another set of myths that are so present in contemporary culture as those surrounding the fall of Troy and its aftermath, immortalised most notably by Homer and Virgil. Stories such as the judgment of Paris, which sets the war in motion, the deception of the ‘Trojan Horse’ and Odysseus’ encounter with the Cyclops during his decade-long journey home are many people’s first introduction to the classical past as children, and the past few years have seen a resurgence of the Trojan cycle in popular culture. Novels such as Madeline Miller’s The Song of Achilles and Pat Barker’s The Silence of the Girls have reconsidered the war and its characters from different angles, and the BBC’s Troy: Fall of a City adaptation brought the saga to a generation raised on Game of Thrones. Therefore, the British Museum chose an opportune time for this year’s BP exhibition, Troy: myth and reality, which aims ambitiously to exhibit artistic depictions of the well-known myths and their various post-classical reinterpretations alongside the archaeological evidence that Troy and the war actually existed.

Review: Lucian Freud: the Self-Portraits

The Royal Academy’s current exhibition, Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits, is a bold and singular response to this century’s fascination with self-image. Lucian Freud’s artistic career predates the selfie-saturated 2010s, yet his work captures the obsession and volume with which we display ourselves today.

Crémant: a lesser-known, lesser-priced French sparkling wine

I might still be coming to terms with the fact that I don’t lead a life involving the regular and copious consumption of champagne...

The Ivy Oxford Brasserie review

Immediately upon arrival, it’s clear that The Ivy is ‘running the game’ when it comes to Oxford’s fine dining scene. It’s 6:30 PM...

Review: Edamame

Edamame (£15-£20) It’s that time of term: the clocks have gone back, so there seems to be about 3...

Review: I Was Meant to Love – Leon C

Why all new music lovers should be listening to Leon C

Review: Spector at The Bullingdon

9pm, The Bullingdon, a Tuesday evening. Those three ingredients are pretty much guaranteed either to produce an awful or a brilliant night....

Review: The Treasures of Recycled Sculpture

At a first glance, Reinvention ‘The Treasures of Recycled Sculpture’ was a breath of fresh air from the chaos of fast-fashion, pollution and upheaval. It demonstrated the possibilities of recycling and sustainability in the production of works of art.

Review: Uncomfortable Oxford Tour

The tour began at the Carfax tower with tales of the town-gown divide in the early days of Oxford University. A third year undergraduate led the group of students and tourists around the town centre.
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