Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Revisiting Godard’s ‘Breathless’ 60 years on

    'Godard gives us a film that shows the white knight as the charlatan we always knew him to be and offers us the anti-hero instead. And after decades of excessively moralistic cinema, this breath of fresh air was thoroughly needed.'

    It was All a Dream: Escapism and Falling Down the Rabbit...

    Dreams seem to straddle this boundary between fiction and reality, often informed by real life or perhaps made to help us cope with it.
    Aerial shot of the Radcliffe Camera in the snow

    All I Want for Oxmas…

    When the crystal ball was dusted off in January 2020, The Atlantic predicted that the next decade would “look very different from what most people expect.” Little did we know how true that statement would be.

    Creativity and Covid-19: How social interaction fuels the creative industries

    "Social interaction is fundamental for the financial wellbeing of creative industries, to provide a stimulus for new art, to exhibit art and also to remunerate those who devote their time to create it." George Newton discusses the impact of lockdown on artistic creativity and stimulus.

    ‘Lockdown made me do it’: the sustainable benefits of getting crafty

    "If people were making a small fortune on Depop and Etsy (occasionally funded by me) by selling vintage and up-cycled clothes, I might as well try doing it for myself on a budget." Sophie Wright discusses how she turned old into new by upcycling during lockdown.

    Tuning in: Podcasts in lockdown

    It’s no wonder then that in times of hardship and isolation, such as these, podcasts are more popular than ever.

    The Muse in Film: Winona Ryder and Tim Burton

    When Winona Ryder first met Tim Burton, they talked like old friends about movies and music for over half an hour before realising that...

    Oriel College Provost Neil Mendoza becomes UK’s first Culture Commissioner

    The Provost of Oriel College, Neil Mendoza has been appointed as the UK’s first Culture Commissioner as part of efforts to aid the sector’s...

    Do LGBT+ creatives have a responsibility to produce queer art?

    Being "protected" from anything that resembled queerness did not manage to make me straight

    ‘All the world’s a stage’: Culture in translation

    With Shakespeare’s birth and death date happening on the 23rd of April, I’ve been thinking about what a great man he was. So many...