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The Two Gentlemen of Verona review: ‘A hilarious modern take’

It was, then, a testament to this commitment that the performance was as good as it was. The production was a hilarious modern take on Shakespeare’s comedy, with several scenes updated, modified, or introduced entirely for this play.

Cherwell Introducing: Phoebe Blue

Joining me this week is the radiant Phoebe Blue, a 2nd year classicist at Balliol, singer-songwriter, and bassist. Meeting me on a blustery Saturday...

The rise of genre fluidity: Is this the death of genre as we know it?

My favourite genre of music: a question I’ve found becoming increasingly difficult to answer over the years, and it’s only now that I’m discovering...

The Oxford Revue: A Room with Revue

'a simple and clever production which ranks as one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen all year'

A guide for the impromptu undergraduate tour guide

How do you even begin to show a relative or friend around Oxford? In Michaelmas, a friend studying in London came to visit. She...

Nuclear Bombs and Feminism: Monica Sjöö’s Exhibition at Modern Art Oxford

"Based on the Modern Art Oxford posters, Monica Sjöö’s activism appeared to be a driving force for social change."

Five Songs for the Fifth Week Blues

"I believe that music makes a lot of things in life better. Fifth week at Oxford is no exception."

Crafting Kingship: Hellenistic Royal Portraiture

"A standardised visual vocabulary of royal ideology represented by statues and coinage"

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before: Week 1

"Rufus' second column of the term looks at the poem Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins."

Empireworld: How British Imperialism Shaped the Globe (Sathnam Sanghera, 2024): Review

Without confronting the wrongs of the past, the wrongs of the present will go on unabated.

The Oscar Best Picture Winner You’ve Never Heard Of

"With the Oscar nominations for 2024 having been released in anticipation of March’s ceremony, it is worth looking back on a former Best Picture winner that has never got its due."

Saltburn: a Mid-Noughties Fashion Revival

"It seems necessary to dissect Fennell’s portrayal of noughties trends to see what deserves to return, and what ought to be left in the past."

Literary Red Flags: Cause for Alarm?

"The internet loves to tell us what to do, especially when there's a healthy smattering of pseudo-psychology involved."

Bands to Watch Out For in 2024

"As the new year unfolds there is no better time to expand your music taste and explore genres and artists that you may not otherwise have chosen to listen to"

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