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    “A fantastic story of love and liberation”: An interview with the cast and director of ‘An American In Paris’

    "It’s been a process of figuring out how we can tease out those themes of love and liberation."

    The Story Behind Noah Wild’s ‘I Will Delete This Story’

    “Growing up when the past won't let you go”

    Dead Man’s Suitcase: A Review

    "At once funny and profound, Dead Man’s Suitcase is a treat for the senses."

    Babel, or the Beauty of Multilingualism

    Emerald Ace-Acquah reflects on the complexities of language, colonisation, and power, as explored in R. F. Kuang's new novel.

    Euro supermarket and the comfort of finding authentic ingredients from home

    One faithful day during a stroll through Cowley, I stumbled upon a shop with my flag

    Confessions of a Theatre Kid: Debunking The Myth

    "This problematic and relentless framing of the theatre kid as marginalised or an 'underdog'... misses the fact that the arts are propped up by privilege."

    ‘After Life’: A review

    After Life was an understated joy – a brilliant, bittersweet highlight of Week 7.

    “In here, it’s just pretending…”: ‘Posh’ and the brilliance of impersonation.

    At the end of it all, the audience are left in the wake of their destruction, while tellingly, most of the boys have left the scene, unscathed. 

    A Night Under the Stars: Reviewing Enclosure

    The programme for Mostly Moss Productions' Enclosure reads: “In this time of crisis hold each other closer. In community with each other, and with...

    Before Midnight: ‘Linklater manages to paint a picture of love that feels real, without sacrificing any sense of beauty or magic’. 

    'Before Midnight, then, beautifully and honestly draws Linklater’s Before trilogy to a fitting conclusion. As a meditation on love and relationships it reminds us that it’s not always plain sailing, but that this doesn’t erase or dampen our past experiences.' Josh McGrane evaluates the final instalment of Richard Linklater's beloved 'Before' trilogy.

    The Duchess of Malfi: A Review

    "Evocative performances, convoluted script, limited visual resources"

    Copyright or copywrong: the Shape of You case and its implications

    We can only hope the decision results in a further backlash against the culture fostered by the Blurred Lines decision and a reduction in the number of frivolous lawsuits against musicians. They are bad for artists, bad for all genres of music, and fundamentally, bad for creativity.

    In Harry’s House, there’s room for the romantic

    ‘Harry’s House’ is a house of several rooms. Of screaming elation, beautiful minutia, and doomed love, all of which make for a complex and emotive listen.

    I Am What I Eat

    One aspect of Chinese culture that I will always love and be proud of is our food

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