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Review: Lucian Freud: the Self-Portraits

The Royal Academy’s current exhibition, Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits, is a bold and singular response to this century’s fascination with self-image. Lucian Freud’s artistic career predates the selfie-saturated 2010s, yet his work captures the obsession and volume with which we display ourselves today.

Ancient statues reveal their true colours

Imagine for a moment that you’re standing in Ancient Greece. Theatres, temples, and statues, which survive to us only as ruins, stand intact all around you, white marble gleaming in the Mediterranean sun.

The fractured mind, literature, and society.

“I felt the narrowing of my life to a very fine point. A hard triangle of a life over and me sprawled at its peak, hopeless and lost.” - Russell Brand, describing a mental breakdown.

Review: At Eternity’s Gate

It is worth watching At Eternity’s Gate for Julian Schnabel’s mesmerising cinematography alone. This new biopic of Vincent van Gogh, with the titular character...

The ‘happily ever after’ we seek only exists in fiction

Reading stories full of delusions allows us to escape from the modern world

The Duality of Movement in the New Taiwanese Cinema Movement

The entry of Hong Kong cinema to the Taiwanese market in the 1980s brought with it a move to protect homegrown directors and maintain...

David Bowie: The art of getting on a bit

The life of Ziggy defied expectation.

Fame, fortune and failure

Debunking the Unk: the curious tale of Curtis Adams
A blonde and brunette girl lying on the grass, their fingertips touching.

Review: Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone – ‘a relationship...

Rose on a Rail's latest production provides a touching and intimate look into a complex mother-daughter relationship.

Create and destroy

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” Mikhail Bakunin
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