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Kiss My Genders – Celebrating identity with the Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery's huge curation 'Kiss my Genders' attempts to unite over thirty artists from the LGBTQ+ community in a celebration of gender identity and fluidity. Charlotte Hall gathers her impressions of the exhibitions - how effective is it at breaking down stereotypes and prejudice?

Robot’s art goes on display in St John’s exhibition

The project was created to showcase the potential of artificial intelligence

Review: At Eternity’s Gate

It is worth watching At Eternity’s Gate for Julian Schnabel’s mesmerising cinematography alone. This new biopic of Vincent van Gogh, with the titular character...

Van Gogh and Britain

Exploring Van Gogh's fascination with British culture and Dickens
The picture rapreesent a row of painting made by Warhol with the image of Campbell soup

The crises of contemporary art

An exploration of beauty and meaning in the world of contemporary art.
Is a white painting in which holes and clipping are made enterely according to chance

Recoiling from the shock: how Dadaism swallowed a post-war Europe

Dada expanded beyond its art, morphing as it did into a political rather than an aesthetic revolution.
The words 'Velvet Buzzsaw' appear on a black background in spray paint.

Review: Velvet Buzzsaw – “rebellion of art against the pretentious world”

Netflix’s latest thriller stars Jake Gyllenhall and Rene Russo in a tense satire on the contemporary art world

Pictures in the sandcastles

The artist as revolutionary is a wonderful image, and perhaps one that is forced upon creatives of our day. However, it is imperative to recall both the political power of artistic media, and the inherent ideology of created works.

Create and destroy

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge” Mikhail Bakunin
The image shows a statue, the David, framed in a close up. His hands and face are visible and his eyes are staring directly to the camera

The Human Impulse

Investigating the social and biological imperatives behind art
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