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a painting of a skill, sat atop a desk, with a quill resting partly in its mouth.

‘If We Were Villains’: Caught in long shadow of ‘The Secret...

Does M.L Rio's debut novel prioritise style over substance?
Circe, sat on an ornate chair, arms outstretched, holding a golden cup.

The Magic of Madeline Miller’s ‘Circe’

An exploration of the way Madeline Miller finds beauty in sadness.
An illustration of a disembodied pair of human eyes, seen from the back, next to a second illustration of a pair of human eyes seen from the front, against the backdrop of a human brain.

Some New Angles on Perspective

A preview of Thinking 3D (Treasury Room, Weston Library), on from March 21st 2019 until February 9th 2020.

A tapestry of living and dead: Max Porter on his new...

An exploration of Max Porter, in conversation with Ali Shaw, and his new novel, Lanny.
Kazuo Ishiguro speaks in Stockholm.

Othering Ourselves

Hazy memories and complicit passivity allow Ishiguro’s characters to construct a protective outsider status

Would you risk your life on God? Reflections on Professor John...

Prompted by Professor John Lennox's new book, Jack Sagar grapples with questions about science, God, and the faith that binds us all together.
An illustrated portrait of Huysmans sat in a room.

Urban Decay

Exploring the metropolis in 1890s Decadent literature and its origins in Baudelaire and Huysman
a painting of Dorothea and Will from Middlemarch, the woman wearing a pink dress, both sitting down.

Reality check: the power of relatable crises

"Conflicts in literature don’t work when they fail to resonate". Regardless of genre, books are most impactful when their crises are rooted in everyday human experience.
A painting of Antigone condemned to death, surrounded by people having collapsed on the left of the painting

The Crisis of Creon

'Peripeteia', reversal of fortune, for Sophocles' Creon in 'Antigone' is a wincingly fatal consequence of his tragic decision.
A portrait of Sá-Carneiro

Satiating Sá-Carneiro

Exploring the life and work of an acclaimed Portuguese writer, at the heart of which lies the desire to discover.
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