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David Bowie: The art of getting on a bit

The life of Ziggy defied expectation.

Fame, fortune and failure

Debunking the Unk: the curious tale of Curtis Adams
A blonde and brunette girl lying on the grass, their fingertips touching.

Review: Gods are Fallen and All Safety Gone – ‘a relationship...

Rose on a Rail's latest production provides a touching and intimate look into a complex mother-daughter relationship.
Obama greets the cast of Hamilton

‘Say we want a revolution’: Music, politics, and protest songs

While some may hold the view of music as an absolute art form, the fact is that music is an integral part of human culture, society and our passion for protest
Tony stabs Bernardo in the 1957 production of West Side Story

Is West Side Story still relevant today?

West Side Story has stood the test of time not just because of its artistic mastery, but because of its universal message. As the show’s choreographer Jerome Robbins once said, the show is about intolerance all over the world, not just in 1950s New York. In many ways, the show is more relevant today than it ever has been.

The Spotify syndicate

We should be wary of Spotify's control over the music we listen to

The weight of inheritance

Cultural pilgrimages give us access to the inaccessible

Depraved Genius of Caravaggio

David Alexander on our relationship with morally reprehensible artists

‘It was Beauty killed the Beast’

Monster love tales other marginalised communities

Cellar: a haven for nonconformists

Cellar is more than just a club, it is a theme in and of itself. Most people describe Cellar as sweaty or grungy, but...
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