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William Atkinson

Employers environmental credentials soon available to students

The environmental credentials of potential recruiters will soon be available to students as a consequence of a new initiative by the University’s Careers Service....

House prices in Oxford fall against national trend

Oxford has seen a fall in house prices in recent years. According to the Zoopla Cities House Price Index, average house prices in Oxford...

Interview with Professor John Curtice

Professor John Curtice

Oxford Applies for Funding to Become Britain’s First All-Electric Bus City

A collective bid for funding by Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, the Oxford Bus Company, Arriva and Stagecoach to the Department of Transport,...

Hard water for Oxford

Newly published research has suggested that Oxford has some of the UK’s hardest water. Harvey Water Softeners have conducted the 2020 Hard Water Index...

Don’t Panic

When my Mum first met my Dad, she declared to all in the pub that he was “the sort of man that listens to...

Christ Church drinking society condemned by students

The Pythic (or "P") Club, a secretive dining society for students and tutors with a long-standing basis in Christ Church, has been condemned for...

Physics Department hosts Stargazing Night

On 25th January, the University Physics Department held a special stargazing night at the Denys Wilkinson Building on Keble Road. Running from 2 PM...

Opinion – For the Many, Not the Few

Unsurprisingly, a Tory Prime Minister said it best. We’ve heard a lot from Boris Johnson in the last few weeks and months about 'one-nation...

Review: The Lovely Bones

This adaptation of Alice Sebold's classic novel strikes an emotional chord at Oxford Playhouse.

Review: Hamlet

Cosmic Arts' present a deeply human production of 'Hamlet' at the Keble O'Reilly.

Mr Gorbachev, Tear Down This Protest Art

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down. Any art fan should celebrate that. Not just because it represented a profound triumph for free expression against the forces of authoritarianism and censorship, but because the thing was a bloody eyesore. The grey concrete was awful enough, but then the Berliners went and covered it in sodding graffiti.

William Blake

William Blake was never the artist he wanted to be, nor the one we want him to be. As with all the great Romantics, both our...

Dark Trends: Sexy Sociopaths

As we’ve learnt more and more about the confusing grey splodge of the human mind, we’ve uncovered more and more of what makes sociopaths tick. As such, they’ve increasingly inhabited that attractive idiosyncratic loner role in our popular imagination.