Friday, May 27, 2022
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Tag: abortion rights

Leader: Right now, I’m ashamed to be an American citizen

CW: abortion, death The United States of America is a deeply broken country. This was driven home to me, as it was for many others,...

How conservatives are weaponising feminism to bring down Roe v Wade

Fitch’s argument is that because of feminism, women are now fully able to pursue both motherhood and a career, eliminating the need for abortion. To support her argument, she draws on her own experience as a (white, upper middle class) single mother. 

A Green Wave of Change: Why Argentina’s landmark abortion law will...

"Argentina is a country where the Catholic Church has historically held sway, and it forms part of a continent where swathes of women and young girls are ostracised, shunned and even imprisoned for wanting to end their pregnancy."