Friday, May 13, 2022
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Access fatigue at Oxford: Letting ‘them’ in and letting ‘them’ down

" own feelings towards outreach are a lot more complex than they were when I first started."

What’s in a name? The social inequality attached to where we...

"If you go to a school with a widely known ‘name’ then, whether you want it or not, people perceive it to be one of your characteristics."

In conversation with the Oxford Opera Society

"Those who aren’t so familiar with the plots of the major operas, or who wish to immerse themselves in the romance, revenge and occasional comedy so characteristic of the genre, needn’t worry that Opera Scenes isn’t staging a full production."

Oxford’s outreach is great: How do we make it even better?

My introduction to Cherwell was reading a Features article, just after I’d received my UCAS offer. It was a well-written expose on Oxford’s secret...

Running out of time

What makes tick, tick… BOOM! so important to me is its central idea of running out of time. Jonathan Larson had a deep-set panic that he only had so long to achieve his goals, to reach his markers of success.

Oxford University and the alienation of working students

"Working a job during university, it’s easy to become dissociated from both: always slightly excluded from the freedoms of non-working students, but never able to fully relate to the lives of coworkers."

Oxford Union announces response to Equality and Access Report

An executive summary of the report, cosigned by the Union President Chengkai Xie, and President-Elect Molly Mantle, was announced in the chamber before a debate on the motion “this house would give up liberty for safety” was held.

Cher-ity Corner: Target Schools Oxford

“Target Schools is Oxford SU's home of student-led access work, with the overall aim of widening participation and improving access to higher education (specifically to Oxford) for students from under-represented backgrounds.”

Universities cut History courses generating concern over elitism in the field

Aston University in Birmingham and London South Bank University have announced plans to cut History courses. Aston University plans to close its entire History,...

Hanging in the (im)balance: the state-private school disparity in Oxford

"It is now time for private school students, committed to building a better future for all young people, to use their privilege and voice to pressure these institutions." Fionn McFadden investigates potential solutions to Oxford's state-private school disparity.