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Theatre and the Working Class

When someone mentions British actors, who do you think of? Your mind probably jumps to people like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston or...

What Light Through Yonder Theatre Breaks?

This week, we saw the death of theatre director Terry Hands, acclaimed for his founding of the Everyman in Liverpool among various other theatrical,...

The Death of Theatre Monarchy

It’s January 2020 and a new controversy has arrived to add to the Britain’s collection. Popular discussion of the Duke and Duchess of...

Profile: Zoë Wanamaker

The actress on beginnings, theatrical lifelines and the deliciousness of language

Freshers’ guide to the Oxford drama scene

Find out how to get involved with Oxford student drama from Ellie Cooper (Actor and Director) and Pierce Jones (Production/Management).

“A Kind of Dirty Poetry”

What does it take to put on a show at Fringe? With the finish line in sight, Missing Cat discuss the joys and travails of their project: a raw and visceral rendition of Woyzeck.
An actress covered in blood with arms open yells at the sky

What does it take to be an actor?

Want to be a fantastic actor? All it takes is method acting, audience empathy and a pursuit of the fantasy world.

Auditioning – what it’s actually like

Beata Kuczynska provides a look behind the curtain at the highs and lows of the auditioning process

How Oxford culture is dominated by the most privileged

The issue is not a simple matter of discrimination but long term deficiencies in cultural upbringing in less privileged students