Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Time to take responsibility: All Souls’ dirty legacies

"Out-of-date relics of elitism like All Souls hold a responsibility to do more than the bare minimum. But since pandemic rules paved the way for justifiable closing down, one cannot help but feel it is convenient for the College to keep these legacies hidden behind locked doors."

Antigua and Barbuda asks All Souls for reparations

"The proposed reparations would take the form of the creation of a scholarship to the college for “eligible Antiguans and Barbudans”, and donations to the Five Islands (Antigua) campus of the University of the West Indies”.

New online hub raises awareness of University’s colonial past

The online hub includes details on the University's efforts to address system racism in education, including outreach programmes which aim to provide support to Black applicants at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Statues Must Fall

“From the United States to South Korea, debates about historical legacy and modern cultural identity have raged around these figures of iron and stone”

Student protests against All Souls’ Codrington

Oluwafemi Nylander, a prominent member of Rhodes Must Fall Oxford and campaigner against colonial commemoration at Oxford, today stood outside All Souls College in...