Sunday, August 1, 2021
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    Tag: anti-semitism

    Jewish Society refutes claim Oxford University ‘no-go zone’ for Jewish students

    Former Oxford proctor's criticism of Oxford University rejected by the University and Jewish Society

    The NUS isn’t working – and it won’t anytime soon

    Henrique Laitenberger argues that the NUS is structurally unable to provide the services students deserve

    To fight anti-Semitism, vote #YestoNUS

    Rivka Micklethwaite argues that leaving the NUS is not conducive to tackling anti-Semitism

    Former OULC co-Chair kicked out of Labour

    David Klemperer suspended from the Labour Party after nominating Harry Samuels as a Lib Dem candidate in recent elections

    Labour Club to debate women empowerment

    The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group against anti-Semitism will address OULC before motions on empowering women and condemning the new NUS President are debated

    Majority want NUS ‘Oxit’

    Following announcement of NUS referendum, Cherwell survey finds that majority want out

    A referendum on the NUS

    Harry Samuels speaks to NUS' naivety, calling the organisation "patently unreformable"

    NUS conference debates Holocaust commemoration

    The conference also featured debate on Yik Yak and legal highs.

    Bouattia elected NUS President despite allegations of anti-Semitism

    NUS conference elects Malia Bouattia to Presidency despite concerns expressed by Jewish socieities

    Claims of anti-semitism hit NUS Presidential race

    Oxford JSoc among the 48 student societies asking questions of Malia Bouattia in open letter