Friday, January 28, 2022
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For art’s sake: How NFTs are changing the way we appreciate...

NFTs are not inconsistent with artistic creativity, rather, they are a vehicle for its democratization.

In Conversation with Lord Harry Dalmeny

“If you go to an auction, out comes the Picasso—dead silence. Once the hammer comes down on the price—applause. We live in a world where they applaud the price but not the Picasso”.

In Conversation with Matthew Slotover

Anyone who knows even a little about the London art market will know Frieze. Founded in 1991 as a contemporary art magazine by Oxford...

Judging books by their covers?

When browsing the shelves of a bookshop, what I am most drawn to is art. I hunt for the brightest colour, the most striking typography, a good-looking image with which to decorate my bedside table. Book covers can use their beauty to their advantage, or even as a form of rebellion.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) – what’s all the hype?

NFTs are a blockchain based technology that have garnered a lot of hype and news coverage in recent months by technology enthusiasts and investors...
A black and white image of a man's chest featuring a large tattoo

Why we should all get a tattoo (or stop hating on...

In a city where every other person walking down the street is clad in either a Barbour jacket or an overcoat, and seems to...

Out of the Frame: Praxiteles’ Aphrodite of Knidos

As long as humanity has existed, art has followed in its wake. Whether to tell a story, send a political message, decorate an environment...

The Mechanicanon: AI and Literary Value

this new canon shall – by learning to load and fire itself – exile us from even counting as its projectile or target

Who’s who: Ai Weiwei

But the deserted building in Chaoyang was no criminal lair—it was an art studio. And the man arrested at the airport, far from being a hardened felon, was Ai Weiwei: filmmaker, visual artist, and one of the most outspoken political dissidents in China.

Eat, Sleep, Create, Repeat: An Artistic Odyssey

"As an emotional writer of poetry, I’ll only ever put pen to paper in fits of extreme feeling, using it as an outlet when I feel that I cannot turn to anyone. It seems to be the closest I’ll get to the divine inspiration, with the Muse replaced by anger or loneliness." Maebh Howell takes us on an artistic Odyssey around the pressures of constant creativity.