Thursday, November 26, 2020
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    Her golden plumage shivered to a mane That grew the stalks and limbs of flowers and trees

    The scope for creativity in quarantine

    One thing I am glad of, in returning home, is that there is no need to feel trapped. My father’s house looks from one...

    Hidden in plain sight: Public art in Oxford

    Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.

    Is the coronavirus killing culture?

    Arts and culture, sectors which have already faced significant funding cuts, may have to adapt to a new normal if we are to welcome them back to our stages, screens, and books.

    Picasso at the RA and the experience of solitude

    The curved, sick, and boney fingers are everywhere. The Frugal Meal (1904), one of Picasso’s early paper engravings, is immediately striking.

    Review: Matisse Devenir

    Tucked away in the France’s Département Nord, the Musée Matisse might seem rather at odds with its provincial surroundings.

    Dora Maar and the Everyday Strange

    The women of the Surrealist movement have suffered a curious case of the feminine shadow, what could be termed Muse Syndrome. Often, their biographical and artistic legacies have been dogged by their associations to prominent male surrealists; the result, an awkward and myopic epitaph.

    Review: Lucian Freud: the Self-Portraits

    The Royal Academy’s current exhibition, Lucian Freud: The Self-portraits, is a bold and singular response to this century’s fascination with self-image. Lucian Freud’s artistic career predates the selfie-saturated 2010s, yet his work captures the obsession and volume with which we display ourselves today.

    One man’s trash

    The mere mention of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art can make us feel uneasy. Such distinctions are often branded as pretentious and as the work of the elitist in their desperate attempts to preserve tradition and exclude diversity within the literary canon.

    Interview: Bendor Grosvenor

    The art historian and presenter on restoration, vanity and Old Masters