Saturday, September 18, 2021
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    Balliol College apologises for 300 years of taking money linked to...

    “Of course, looking back on this now we are sorry that we took those donations — whatever might have been in the minds of people who took them at the time.”

    Bodleian Bangers: Dame Helen Ghosh

    "If you asked me “what am I proud of?”. I did Couch to 5k. Okay, so going with that for a running song I would say Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (1985). Definitely one of my pandemic songs."

    Balliol “flood” leaves students adrift

    This week, a broken tap in Balliol forced a staircase to evacuate, and concerns were subsequently raised regarding the College's response to student welfare. The...

    Balliol divests from fossil fuels

    Balliol College has announced plans to divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies. The college released a statement on Monday, saying that it planned...

    Balliol students launch petition to bar PM from college premises

    The petition, which has received 150 signatures, accuses the PM of "seriously undermining democracy", and also calls for a ban on the college displaying images of the former student.

    Balliol Boris celebration on hold

    Balliol College have few plans to celebrate Boris Johnson, who read Classics as an undergraduate at the college, moving into Downing Street. The college’s July newsletter...

    Booze Cruise: Balliol Combine Harvester

    Balliol's 'Combine Harvester' is as lethal as it sounds

    Balliol introduces Oxford’s first homelessness representative

    The new officer will publicise volunteering and collect donations for Turl Street Homeless Action

    Syrian refugee receives offer from Balliol

    Sulaiman Wihba described the news of his offer as "unbelievable"

    Balliol accused of bowing to “anti-colonial” pressure by moving Viceroy’s portrait

    After taking it down for repairs, the college have not replaced the portrait of George Curzon to its hall.