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    She’s Glad Her Mom Died. And I understand why.

    'In a sea of celebrity memoirs, I'm Glad My Mom Died stands out as one of the most poignant releases of 2022.'

    How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie: A review

    I read How to Kill Your Family while at home during the vacation and given my own parent’s unnerved curiosity as they scanned the book’s title, I can understand the necessity of the dedication to Mackie’s parents: “I promise never to kill either of you.” 

    Reversed: A Memoir

    'One of the striking points the memoir illustrates is the level of abuse children with learning disabilities face, from teachers and others' says Kurien Parel

    Patriotism and Chilean Poetry

    Bridget McNulty discusses Hugh Ortega's debut collection and Chilean identity

    Iraq is not a twentieth century Crusade

    Oxford historian Christopher Tyerman delivers a polemic speech against rhetorical comparisons between the war on terror and the crusades

    Review: The Leopard

    Altair Brandon-Salmon revisits the classic Italian 20th century novel

    Were the Nazis on drugs?

    The Nazi regime was permeated with drugs, from morphine to heroin, taken by almost everyone in the Reich, from soldiers to housewives. This shocking...

    Review: Treasure Neverland – Real and Imaginary Pirates

    Ben Ray sets sail to find his ideal desert island book

    Book review: The University of Oxford, a History

    Ben Ray digs into this herculean history of the university, undertaken by Magdalen's own Professor Brockliss

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