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The diary of a LinkdIn-er

Charlotte Renahan discusses the pitfalls of the popular networking social media: LinkedIn.

The battle for our screens

In the UK, the Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD) market (streaming services) rose from <£1mn in 2009 to £495mn in 2018.

Preserved in blue and white: Sarah Cooper

"The idea of writing a column about a breakfast condiment may seem fanciful, but this particular marmalade does have a genuine place in British culture."

Oxford’s first ‘hacker house’: For the RICH, by the RICH?

I learned that everyone can be a Rebellious Intellectually Curious Hustler (RICH) with the right motivation, the right readings, and the right goals.

General Motors’ stake in China’s Electric Vehicle market

"The Chinese government is, on the whole, more committed to the EV transition and they have promising start-ups. I forecast that China’s EV market will continue to lead global demand and there will be a rise of Chinese automakers." Gabriel Ng looks at the future of electric vehicles and General Motors' involvement in a burgeoning Chinese market.

In Conversation with Grace Beverley

Grace Beverley is possibly one of the busiest people I’ve ever met. The day of our interview, she posted a photo of the day’s...

Oxford startup wins global prize for female entrepreneurship

"We are delighted and honoured to be selected as a winner from such truly outstanding and inspiring women-led deeptech companies from all over the globe. "

Isolation Hustles – How lockdown has affected student mini-businesses

The coronavirus crisis has stopped the global economy in its tracks. Each week, yet more gloomy headlines appear: this week, a BBC headline proclaimed...

Leaders of Tomorrow? It is Time to Practice Some Humility

At a recent job interview, I was asked whether I considered myself a follower or a leader. Later at lunch with some other candidates,...

The plight of the struggling high street

Physical shops need to adapt to the times

New course in algorithmic trading at Saïd

The course aims to "future-proof" financial careers

“I’m carrying two paper bags. One contains a croissant, the other my soul”

It’s time to stop demonising a corporate career choice and accept the rent-paying reality, writes Nicola Dwornik

Saïd Business School head becomes private secretary to Kate Middleton

Catherine Quinn will leave the Saïd in October to take the position, which reportedly comes with a six-figure salary

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