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    Pop-Classical Fusion: Alexander Joseph’s Für Elise Reimagined

    "It is prefaced: “What if Beethoven’s Für Elise… Had been written by Ludovico Einaudi?”... ‘Reimagining’ Beethoven in the style of Einaudi would entail a translation of Beethoven’s ‘classical’ harmonies into the more accessible language of modern film/popular music, potentially downsizing the role of melody and musical form in favour of communicating a more homogeneous ‘background’ sound." Yundi Li discusses the role TikTok and other new media play in changing dialogues of genre fusion.

    Modern Classical: Locked Down, Looking Back

    Ludovico Einaudi is in lockdown. With time to think - to take a walk in the fresh Mediterranean breeze - perhaps the Italian pianist could...

    Sexism in Jazz

    Lola Grieve explores the underrepresentation of women in jazz in discussion with female jazz musicians at Oxford

    Medea Review – ‘vengeful, manipulative, and captivating’

    More than just a play: 'Medea' reminds us why we go to the theatre

    Does ‘Wellington’s Victory’ deserve Beethoven’s name?

    A mixture of Beethoven and Marriner, but is it any good?

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘This Is How We Fly’

    Ben Ray reviews the latest album from Irish group 'This Is How We Fly'

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