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The life-sucking vampire: exams and the logic of capitalism

Elena Rotzokou makes the case against exams as a mode of assessment, pointing towards their arbitrariness as well as the negative impacts of their all-or-nothing nature. Rotzokou claims that the unhealthy logic of exams cannot be disentangled from capitalist and neoliberal thinking.

Work is hell: the brutal beauty of corporate aesthetics

Jean-Paul Sartre wrote that hell is other people, but he was wrong: hell is an office job. The stereotypical image summoned by nine-to-five drudgery...

A letter to: my future employer

A reflection on the joys of the corporate world

“I’m carrying two paper bags. One contains a croissant, the other my soul”

It’s time to stop demonising a corporate career choice and accept the rent-paying reality, writes Nicola Dwornik

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