Sunday, January 23, 2022
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“Absolute shambles”: students prepared to take Ruskin College to court

Students are prepared to take Ruskin College court over the difficulties many faced in trying to obtain their degree results.   The latest in a series...

Beyond the surface level: which court is the ideal one for...

Few major sports are defined by their playing surface in the same way that tennis is.

Oxford professor banned from driving after hitting child

The 97-year-old professor was charged with a £750 fine and a twelve month driving ban for dangerous driving

I feel no sympathy for the student suing Oxford

Teaching standards do vary, but academic success is as much the responsibility of students as their teachers, says Jordan Bernstein.

Christ Church student who stabbed boyfriend could return next year

The 24 year old medic is likely to avoid jail and return to her College in October

Profile: Gina Miller

Marianna Spring speaks to Gina Miller about Brexit, fearlessness and challenging Theresa May