Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    “The frailty of everything revealed at last”: dystopian fiction in a...

    "Dystopian narratives may be bleak, but they do not contribute to the barbarity of our times: they are, instead, a powerful reminder that in the midst of crisis, beauty and hope do remain."

    The Masque of the Red Death: Reading our way out of...

    Edgar Allan Poe wrote his short story, the Masque of the Red Death, after his wife had been diagnosed with the then-incurable disease, tuberculosis....
    a painting of Dorothea and Will from Middlemarch, the woman wearing a pink dress, both sitting down.

    Reality check: the power of relatable crises

    "Conflicts in literature don’t work when they fail to resonate". Regardless of genre, books are most impactful when their crises are rooted in everyday human experience.
    A painting of Antigone condemned to death, surrounded by people having collapsed on the left of the painting

    The Crisis of Creon

    'Peripeteia', reversal of fortune, for Sophocles' Creon in 'Antigone' is a wincingly fatal consequence of his tragic decision.

    Privilege comes in many shapes and sizes

    At Oxford, it is very normal to consciously recognise the privileges that we enjoy, be that white privilege, male privilege, straight privilege, class privilege,...

    Debate: Should there be less sugar in our Coco Pops?

    Kellogg's new 'healthy' Coco Pops are tearing LMH apart

    Dichotomous Lives: The Lives of Diaspora Kids

    Detailing the difficulties of integrating two identities

    University criticised over Rohingya crisis

    Dr. Zarni slammed the University for being "complicit at worst" in Myanmar government persecution due to links with Yangon University